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Lenny Curry leaves RPOF, explores Jax mayoral bid

Florida Times Union:

"Lenny Curry, who is exploring a run for Jacksonville mayor, will announce he is stepping down as chairman of the Florida Republican Party on Thursday, according to party officials with knowledge of the situation.

"He will send a letter to Republican Party leadership Thursday, officials said. He will stay on as chair through the end of May....

"The move comes on the heels of a high-profile and potentially significant pickup for Curry. Peter Rummell, a powerful Northeast Florida Republican fundraiser, told the Times-Union last week he will throw his support behind the GOP chairman in the 2015 mayor’s race."

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tom reynolds

Another Captain getting off the boat before the passengers.Good luck Lenny . You will be tied to your Best Friend Rick Scott !

ed jenkins

As the readers have commented many times they have no interest in political leaders from distant places in their hometown paper.

Jax Native

If he does for Jacksonville what he did for the RPOF we will be bankrupt within two years.


Lenny you are a good man and I wish you good luck.


Lenny Curry is another empty suit puppet of the money men in the RPOF. He was a errand boy at RPOF and will be an errand boy for Rummel. Another disaster for Jax if he were to become mayor.


Typical like the appointment of Rudy Rodolpho Ruiz to the bench.
Rudy Ruiz is an embarrassment. Gov Scott should be impeached for appointing such an inexperienced, ignorant man.
He is rude to those in his court.


Really---Lenny Curry was Chairman of RPOF--could have fooled me--I thought the Chairmanship was vacant

Bill Thompson

Like a rat jumping off a sinking ship, Lenny Curry sees the writing on the wall and wants to get away, hoping that the stink doesn't catch up to him in November. His legacy include:

1. Barack Obama winning the state over Mitt Romney, despite Florida being a crucial state for the GOP.

2. Bill Nelson winning re-election handily over Connie Mack IV.

Maybe the FPOF can rehire Jim Greer as chairman. He's scheduled to be released July 11 from state prison custody.

Smart thinking

Stop trying to Curry favor.

Liberals Go Away

Yeah, and Alvin Brown was much better. Liberals need to see reality, and realize that "Chain Gang Charlie" and his cronies are bad news!!!

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