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Miami-Dade commissioner wants stray pets sent to loving homes, by UPS


That meowing in the UPS box might be from Miami.

Well, only if Javier Souto can get a pet project off the ground.

At a budget hearing on animal shelters Wednesday, the Miami-Dade commissioner urged the county to launch a cross-country adoption service that could ship pets to people’s doors.

“I guarantee you there are places in America that want to adopt a dog or a cat from here,” Souto said.

Alex Muñoz, the county’s animal-services chief, noted the shelter already lists its adoptable animals online but didn’t sound eager to start shipping them to willing homes. “You’re talking about a major fulfillment service,” he said.

Souto suggested recruiting Palmetto High graduate and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos to help work out the details. “I’m willing to call,” Souto said.

Douglas Hanks


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What a shame that Miami seems determined to pass on their pet overpopulation to other communities. So when the pet gets to their destination and isn't compatible with the other pets or family member, is the community it will be shipped too going to have the burden of dealing with the pet, or is Miami going to have a return policy like other merchandise sent by UPS. I have to say that this commissioner may have even surpassed the fools that Delaware has in the state legislature who passed "No-Kill's" CAPA and made a mess here. Maybe Miami should deal with their own pet overpopulation with a strong spay neuter program like New Hampshire, and stop trying to pass on their problem to other communities with the "No-Kill" shuffle.

Hilda Mueller

I've never heard of anything so idiotic in my life!
Will UPS and Amazon be honoring the same return policy?

Trailed by 20 Hounds



Heaven save us from Suoto. How about implementing the provisions of the Pet's Trust Miami residents VOTED FOR.

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