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NRCC gives boost to Carlos Curbelo over 4 other Republicans in Miami congressional race


National Republicans have taken sides in the primary to for Florida's 26th Congressional District.

On Thursday, the National Republican Congressional Committee moved up Miami-Dade School Board member Carlos Curbelo in its "Young Guns" program, which identifies and helps top first-time candidates for Congress. The program has three tiers; Curbelo is now in the second one in the race against Miami Democratic Rep. Joe Garcia.

"Carlos Curbelo has reached the 'Contender' status because he is exemplary of the new leadership needed in Washington D.C. to turn our country around and provide a check and balance in Washington," NRCC Chairman Greg Walden,an Oregon Republican, said in a statement.

Democrats fired back by calling Young Guns a "dog and pony show."

"If Republicans think that voters will elect Curbelo to join them in Congress while he is supporting policies that hurt middle class Floridians, they're in for a surprise in November," the DCCC's Josh Schwerin said in a statement.

Partisan shots aside, it seems clear that the GOP is sending a message to the other four Republicans in the race -- Cutler Bay Mayor Ed MacDougall, former Miami-Dade County Commissioner Joe Martinez, attorney Lorenzo "Larry" Palomares-Starbuck and Key Largo resident Jose Felix Peixoto -- that party leaders have a favorite candidate, the one who has raised the most among them in campaign contributions.


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ed jenkins

The citizens do not care which of these organizations with too many initials to be taken seriously comes up with a candidate to replace this Garcia who the citizens have asked to resign long ago for his admitted campaign law violations and who is ignoring them seeking to use his office as negotiating leverage rather than let the citizens be represented by someone with their interests.

JoHNny HotHEad

Wow! Talk about run on sentences. Ed, you're one heck of grammarian...In case you're too stupid to figure it out, you need to go back to school and learn English grammar....lol

Truth o meter

the "Young Guns" to get to the last stage you have to win the primary, so that means nothing.

The Real Joe Garcia

The Young Guns also endorsed David Rivera. Maybe they're really the kiss of death in CD 26. Curbelo is a wimp of a candidate. Joe Garcia will win reelection if its only Carlos Curbelo standing in the way.

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