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Obamacare's "Freaky" product-placement: illegal slaughterhouse edition


FreakyObamacare has freaky bad luck.

It's still unpopular (despite recent good news), has played a role in Democratic mid-term woes and now it appears in the most-unfortunate of places: On the T-Shirt of Raul “Freaky” Fernandez, caught on video at an "illegal West Miami-Dade slaughterhouse where pigs destined for Christmas dinner tables were shot, stabbed, beaten with sledgehammers and gutted and boiled while alive," according to this Miami Herald story on a new arrest.

"We support Obamacare," Fernandez's shirt says.

Animal rights? 

Not so much.

The video is enough to make you think hard about being a vegetarian. Fernandez, 53, and Yonisley “Pipe” Garcia, 28, were arrested as part of "Operation Noche Buena," named after the Christmas Eve "good night" celebration that often involves a roast pig. And, in the process, Obamacare's ox gets gored in the freakiest of coincidences.



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I knew Obama hated animals. Great work uncovering this. Tip: I recently noticed Rick Scott looks like Voldemort. Please write a story. Proof: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rick-Scott-is-Voldemort/109131732485364


I'm glad to know that the complex, far-reaching effects of Obamacare, a law that has allowed 8 million Americans to sign up for health care — almost 800,000 of them in Florida — and has begun to turn around the ballooning costs of health care in this country for the first time in history, are being examined in detail by this blog.

ed jenkins

As we have seen this most hated law is only supported by unwise people such as this man who have been convinced by its propaganda that he is better off when in reality private contracts that he could make with companies for insurance against future medical expenses have been greatly harmed by this most horrible law. The predicted results of higher costs for these insurance policies for all have now arrived as have the loss of ability to use doctors previously used which has greatly upset the citizens and lead to their continued call for a repeal of this most horrible law which unfortunately they will have to wait for another election or two to happen.

Mrs. Ed Jenkins

this is the worst "article" you have ever written

Highly Placed Scott Operative

This is not good news for the boss. He's counting on these hispanics to vote for him. They won't be voting for him if they are supporters of Obamacare. He won't be happy about this. We may have to initiate operation Guayabera sooner than we planned.

Snuff films are news?

What does this snuff film have to do with Obamacare? Why would the Miami Herald show something like this? Disgraceful! I hope someone with editorial control will exercise good taste and remove this video.

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