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Pop-Tart bill wins Senate support

The 'Pop-Tart' gun bill is headed to the desk of Gov. Rick Scott. 

Florida senators approved the NRA-supported proposal in a 32-6 vote Thursday.

There was virtually no debate, besides Sen. Jack Latvala asking what exactly HB 7029 would do.

The Senate sponsor, Sen. Greg Evers, had a simple reply: It would prevent situations "where you chew a Pop-Tart into the shape of a gun and you are expelled" from school.

The situation actually happened in Maryland. It inspired the bill in Florida.

More broadly, the proposal would prevent schools from disciplining students who play with simulated weapons. It passed in the House by a 98-17 vote last month.

The Senate discussed the proposal some on Wednesday.

Sen. Eleanor Sobel, D-Hollywood, asked how many incidents had been reported in Florida.

Evers said it had happened in his North Florida district within the last three months.

"Two kids were sitting down reading a book and there was a picture of a Wild Wild West show and one person has a gun," he said. "One student tells another student that he's got a cap gun at home that's the same as the one in the picture. The teacher sent him to the principal and he was expelled."

Sobel voted against the proposal Thursday. She was joined by Democratic Sens. Audrey Gibson, Arthenia Joyner, Gwen Margolis, Maria Lorts Sachs and Chris Smith.


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If it has anything to do with a gun, I haven't seen any Democrats that was for it, and it doesn't matter if it is a picture of a gun,a pop tart in the so-called shape of a gun, a toy gun, or anything having to do with a gun Democrats in general are against guns in the hands of the civilian population, this is why we need to vote all democrats out of office.


Mike - Broad brush about Democrats. If you read the article you might have noticed that only 6 Democrats voted against the bill. Don't worry. If guns are the only issue you care about, Florida is the place for you.


If they want to suspend you for a pop tart, they have to redesign the map. Idaho must go.

James Harper

I believe HB7029 is trying to reinstate some common sense back into schools where children are punished for something there is no reason for! Who among us when we were kids didnt play cops & robbers or cowboys & indians using a toy gun or just a finger pointed &, yelling bang! That behaviour is not abnormal for children & adults that make these outlandish zero tolerance rules need to be called to task & shown thet is & will always be grey areas when common sense has to prevail!


James Harper - you are calling for liberals to use and demonstrate what most non-liberals would call common sense. Hopefully you recognize the futility such a hope.

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