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Rick Scott: Charlie Crist's debate challenge is "laughable"


“Give me Scott.”

Democrat Charlie Crist issued that implicit debate challenge to Gov. Rick Scott during an impromptu caught-on-video meeting with Lieutenant Governor Carlos-Lopez Cantera.

But Scott said Tuesday that he’s not ready to take up the challenge, noting that Crist has refused to debate his fellow Democrat, former Sen. Nan Rich.

“That’s laughable. Think about it. He has a primary,” Scott said.

“I’m sure it’s going to be enjoyable watching his debates with Nan Rich,” he said.

Rich appreciated Scott’s comments.

“It’s the first thing Scott has said in almost four years that I agree with,” Rich joked, before referencing how Crist used to be a Republican when he was governor.

“Since Charlie is new to the Democratic Party — especially because Charlie is new to the Democratic Party — he owes it to the voters to debate and talk about the issues to show where he stands,” she said.

Crist, however, has said that voters from all parties know his record. And, previously, he said he “wasn’t even thinking about” debating Rich.

Crist’s spokesman, Kevin Cate, amplified on those comments Tuesday in a statement that all but closed the door on a Democratic debate before the Aug. 23 Democratic primary.

“Charlie Crist and the people of Florida are facing $100 million in negative advertising from Rick Scott. We don’t expect that to change,” Cate said.

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Moderate Republican

Give em hell Charlie!

ed jenkins

Democrat primary voters including this one will vote for the nancy lady if there are no changes in the party leaders' preferred candidate sol they look forward to a debate between her and scott.

Can't take anymore

At this time next year it is quite likely that Rick Scott will be laughing from the comfort of his home in Naples after the voters toss him out of office. He may have an opening for a spokesperson then and I'd like to nominate the one and only Ed Jenkins for that job. I'm sue Ed would do it for free, as he does now.

mrs. jenkins

Ed Jenkins is Dick Scott's bootlicker!


Scott won't debate Charlie Christ? This tells me a lot about Scott like what is he hiding? The folks on medicare that live in Florida need to have questions answered from Scott? CEO leaves company months before his company is fined over 1 billion dollars for stealing from medicare. Something to remember when medicare does not approve funding your medical needs yet you paid all your life into medicare, in fact now on medicare your still paying.


Whine to Obama about Medicare, nit to Scott. The issue begins and ends in Washington.

Robert J

I am willing to bet a bundle, that when ask questions during this debate Governor "Dick" will say :On the advise of my lawyer; I refuse to answer that question!!!

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