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Rick Scott stands by two misleading ads that bash Obamacare


Gov. Rick Scott is standing by two misleading campaign ads that falsely suggest 300,000 people in the state already lost their health insurance plans due to Obamacare.

“Clearly, the ad’s accurate,” Scott told reporters Wednesday in Miami, declining to elaborate.

The insurance company at the center of Scott’s claim, Florida Blue, said in an email that the Affordable Care Act has not resulted in 300,000 of its customers being forced out of their plans.

"To date, most of the members in our pre-ACA plans have kept their plans,” Florida Blue spokesman Paul Kluding said in a recent public statement.

Kluding noted that some customers chose to leave their old plans because new Obamacare plans offered a better deal "either because of potential subsidies, or because they would benefit from the new coverages and/or better premiums.”

"Technically, there were a couple of hundred members with unique plans that were not continued. We chose to migrate those plans to new ACA-compliant ones instead of making changes to their existing benefits," he said. "Other than those unique members, no one else lost coverage due to the ACA."

Story here


I shot video while talking to Scott. But so did a tracker with the liberal American Bridge group. He posted it sooner. So here it is


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Did Florida Blue really say their plans didn't comply with the "robust" coverage standards in their initial statement?

Serious question

Highly paid Republican operative

The Boss can do whatever he wants!

Ed Jenkins

The readers are greatly disappointed that this hometown newspaper continues to support a law that is the most hated of all time by the citizens as one tremendously damaging to their ability to contract with companies to insure against future medical expenses freely as they had been able to do in the past. This hometown paper has lost many subscribers over the years as it has shown tremendous favor of one political party and has cross that line even further by supporting a most horrible law hated by all Floridians only because the paper wants to support its preferred party.

Bill Thompson

The scumbag Scott wouldn't know the truth if it hit him in the face. This horrible man is so used to telling lies that it has become second nature to him. It's time for the RPOF to end this experiment gone wrong and find a stronger candidate to run in November because this horrible scumbag Scott will bring down the entire republic party ticket all down the ballot.


Shut the hell up you loser thompson, you don't seem to have noticed no one is interested in your whining around here you loser. Get a job already so you aren't spending all day posting whiny messages you leach.

Bill Thompson

This scumbag Scott seems to be confused about what job he is running for. This horrible man keeps talking about foreign policy with latin american countries and federal insurance programs that have nothing to do with the governors office. If he wants to discuss federal issues, he should run for congress. He should be discussing why he's not in favor of rolling back the sales tax to the 5% rate that it was under our great Democratic Governor Bob Graham instead of the current 6% rate that was signed into law by republican governor Bob Martinez. IF he really wants to grow the economy and help the citizens of our state, he would return the tax rate to 5% and let our citizens keep their confiscated money.


What a moron you are thompson. you just come here and whine all day and no one even pays attention but you keep doing it anyway. You must be some kind of loser who has nothing to do and such a crappy life since you have no one to listen to your pathetic whining. It must suck to be such a failure at life jobless and posting on some library computer all day because your lazy ass doesn't want to work.

Kenny Williams

Rick Scott is a Koch Sucker. Vote the bum out!


The readers are greatly disappointed that the 'scumbag' 'loser' and 'Koch Sucker' people posting here can't seem to carry on a civil conversation but the sentiments are appreciated.

Broward Dem

Republicans need to run on lies because their political philosophies are morally bankrupt.

leon McDowell

that's all they have is lies, and there good at it. They can't run on there policies because they don't work. They don't have ideas. And rick Scott is an idiot, simple as that.it's embarrassing to have him in office.....vote blue so your not singing the blues later.

Greg Burrier

What a shame that the correspondent didn’t take the time to question Messrs. Scotts’ past judicial disputes with Medicare. After all if he is really so concerned about Medicare, it’s only fair play, as Scott easily became the self-appointed critic he could also very clearly become the criticized moral failure that he is, and if I also might add guilty as hell… http://www.examiner.com/.../florida-elects-rick-scott-who...

Bill Thompson

Since this scumbag Scott is so interested in talking about funds taken from Medicare, he should take the opportunity to explain to the voters why his company was charged and paid the largest fine in the history of Medicare fraud. Was this horrible man responsible for leading the Medicare fraud that took out billions of taxpayer confiscated funds from Medicare or was he incompetent and had no clue what was going on inside his own company?

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