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Rick Scott's latest positive ad: Navy


Upbeat and bearing an inspirational story in just 30 seconds, Gov. Rick Scott's latest TV ad is the kind that makes you want to vote for him. Plus, it's not misleading.

So far the governor has spent more than $5.2 million on TV since March 12. This latest spot, the fourth this spring, indicates he's not just mixing it up (positive-negative-negative-positive), he's on pace to unleash an ad campaign that the state has never seen before.


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Voice of reason


Can't take anymore

It must be a political consultant's nightmare to have to try to reshape the image of a crooked snake into that of a cuddly little baby kitty. I believe that in the trade that's known as "polishing the turd."

Indie Thinker

Big deal. He spent two years as a radar tech, mostly in port, and ripped off his fellow sailors with overpriced sodas. That's an insult to the people who lost their lives in the military. He'd have more prestige featuring his days cleaning phone booths.

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