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Scott joins Jeb and Martinez to demand FL Senate vote on DREAMer tuition

From a press release

TALLAHASSEE – Today, Governor Rick Scott and former Governors Jeb Bush and Bob Martinez advocated for lowering tuition by advancing SB 1400, which would allow all Florida students, regardless of their background, to qualify for the in-state tuition rate.

Governor Scott said, “Students who have spent their childhood here in Florida deserve to qualify for the same in-state tuition rate at universities their peers and classmates do. We want our students to stay here in Florida when they go to college and when they choose a career, and that means we must make college more affordable for all those students who call Florida home. The Florida Senate should take immediate action to move SB 1400 forward.”

Governor Bush said, "We must keep and capitalize on the talent of all Florida students who want to attend our exceptional colleges and universities. Punishing some children for their parents' acts by creating obstacles to a college degree isn't in their interests, or ours. I urge the Florida Senate to do the right thing for our state and pass SB 1400."

Governor Martinez said, “For Florida to continue to be a land of opportunity and a beacon of freedom to people from all backgrounds, we must ensure our future generations are prepared for success. As a university trustee, I know this often starts with having access to a great higher education. I hope the Florida Senate and the full Florida Legislature support SB 1400 as a critical measure to continue to move our state forward.”


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Not Ed Jenkins

This post has been up for 27 minutes, and Ed Jenkins has not yet posted a comment. Has anyone checked on him?

Dee Pends

He's stuck in line in the adult incontinence products aisle.


My Staff will Mock you,
My directives will prevent you from voting,
But I am happy to endorse pro Hispanic issues that I know the rest of my Republican cohorts will never endorse.
I will also take your money, yes, send money if you want to support an administration that gives empathetic support to your issues but no real delivery.


Ricardo Scott

Bill Thompson

The scumbag Scott really doesn't care about this issue and is only giving it lip service to attempt to help his flagging campaign. If he was a true leader with a passion and vision for Florida, he would be meeting with the senators and pushing this through like JEB! would have. This horrible man is a one trick pony.

Mrs. Ed Jenkins

I am seriously considering a Baker Act.

Ben E. Fiber

Maybe he ran out of laxative and ran down to CVS to get more.

Ted Wilson

These people are illegal aliens that entered our country illegally and have stayed here unlawfully. They should not be entitled to benefits given to legal residents of our state. Why should an illegal alien pay lower tuition than a kid that comes from Georgia? Republicans need to stick together on this issue to fight it and not cave in to election year politics.

Can't take anymore

Just the beginning of cracks in the monolithic Republican Party. Going to happen at both the state and national levels of coming election seasons. The greedy vs. the crazy and the fight will get mean and dirty. Can't wait for the show to begin!

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