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Senate to revive bill to end greyhound racing and report injuries

In a rare concession, the Florida Senate Gaming chairman on Thursday acknowledged that it is unlikely lawmakers can reach agreement on a sweeping gaming bill this legislative session but they will pursue a bill to begin the end of greyhound racing in Florida.

The Senate will abandon its gambling rewrite -- unless the governor negotiates a compact with the Seminole Tribe, said Sen. Garrett Richter, R-Naples, in an announcement Thursday to the full Senate.

But he said the Senate will convene its gaming committee next week to take up bills by Sen. Eleanor Sobel, D-Hollywood, and Sen. Maria Sachs, D-Delray Beach, that end the requirement that greyhound tracks race dogs and to require injury reporting at greyhound tracks.

“Even if comprehensive reform is not in the cards for this session, we need to keep trying to find a graceful transition away from greyhound racing,'' Richter said. "Industry representatives concede today that it’s a dying sport" and a gaming report commissioned by the House and Senate called the sport "loss leaders." 

As for the compact, House Speaker Will Weatherford said Wednesday "it's getting late,'' to complete an agreement. 

Richter said that, because the governor is in the midst of negotiations with the Seminole Tribe, the Senate should refrain from passing its bill until the compact is completed.

The legislature must ratify any agreement between the state and the Seminoles and, although Richter suggested “we can reasonably expect an agreement soon that may significantly alter revenue sharing and exclusivity provisions,” legislative leaders have conceded it’s getting too late to address a ratification this year.

“If we put the gaming reform cart in front of the Seminole compact horse, we run the risk of getting polices at cross purposes,’’ he said. “The wiser course is to be patient, and to address comprehensive gaming reform in the context of a compact ratification.”

That puts on hold the Senate bill drafted to address the inconsistencies in the state statutes and “clean up the laws related to gambling,’’ he said. The Senate bill also included a provision that authorized the creation of two resort casinos in Miami Dade and Broward counties.

He conceded that the proposal was a tough sell. "Even on our committee, reaching consensus on a 400-page gaming reform bill just is not in the cards,” he said.



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Tracy Summey

PLEASE STOP this cruel sport!

steven bigatti

Ban this tortuous sport. This is the 21st. Century!! Is Florida going to catch up? We don't do this to animals anymore. Its immoral..... And bad karma. Do you need another bad hurricane to set you straight?

Tammy Natoli

Put an end to this craziness!!!


No more dog racing! May all racing dogs be put in loving homes!


kindly put an end to this inhumane sport and have them living in a good home where they can get to run around and play with their kind and human friends !!!!!! This is just not right at all........:(((

barbara Chichester

Please stop this terrible injustice to these docile,gentle and innocent animals. They deserve our respect, compassion and protection.

Marie Diamond

Stop exploiting animals for human entertainment and GREED.

Ida Lombardi

In this day and age. Animals should be treated much, much, better. Please stop this !!

Julie jones

This sport is cruel and has no place in society. Ban it immediately, as others' have done.


my friend is a vet and said that one of the number one breed put down is greyhounds, because they have unfix-able injuries with their racing careers. also many selfish trainers will instead of putting them up for adoption will kill perfectly healthy dogs because they are too slow to race anymore. we adopted our ex racer aged 4 and ive never known such a loyal funny beautiful natured dog, greyhounds are so kind hearted they do deserve much better treatment and recognition.


stop à la course aux lévriers

victoria reznikoff

Have a heart. This is cruel and inhumane

Carlier marcelle

Svp arrêtez vos courses ce sont des chiens de maison et non de course au nom de tous les animaux arrêtez soyez humains merci pour eux


Please Stop this sports... No point in Having it..

Leslie Jones

This is a sick and disgusting "sport." It has no place in our society and should be banned forever. Those who participate in this are ONLY interested in money. Greed is their sole motivator and everything is second to that. They care nothing about these poor animals and are void of compassion and empathy.

Shabnam azim

Please stop this cruelty!!!

Johanna Herbertsson-Blom



basta con queste stupide gare,basta col divertimento basato sulla sofferenza animale!!!!

becky aldaba

racing greyhounds is so wrong lets get it stopped

akira momoi


Maria Valenzuela




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