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Today in Tallahassee: Five Things to Know

TALLAHASSEE Florida legislative leaders hit the send budget on the 2014-15 state budget on Tuesday, giving lawmakers three days left in the session to review the $77.1 billion in spending plan before they take a vote on it late Friday.

That means the logjam of high profile bills that were awaiting progress on the budget will now move. Many of them will get a hearing on Wednesday, which makes for a busy day. Five things to watch are:


  • The Senate debates a bill, HB 851, to allow children of undocumented immigrants pay in-state tuition rates at Florida universities.
  • A proposal to open the school voucher program to additional students, SB 1512, will also be debated in Senate.
  • The House takes a final vote on SJR 1188, a constitutional amendment to let governors pick replacements for Supreme Court and appellate judges before their post is vacant.
  • The House is expected to take up a bill to allow for the legalization of medical cannabis, HB 843.
  • Gov. Rick Scott travels to Largo to meet hold a press conference on manufacturing with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.


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