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Truth-O-Meter tackles Medicare Advantage attacks

Gov. Rick Scott, like many other Republicans, has pinned part of his re-election strategy on criticizing the Affordable Care Act. He’s attacked President Barack Obama’s signature legislation time and again in campaign ads, especially the law’s effects on Medicare. The ads claim that rate cuts will drastically alter seniors’ access to the doctors and care they want.

But the ads aren’t  telling the whole story. The Scott ads are about changes to Medicare Advantage, in which private companies administer insurance plans for Medicare-eligible recipients. That’s not the same as what’s referred to as traditional Medicare, which is what most people think of when they hear the name of the program.

Confused? That’s probably the point. But don’t worry, PolitiFact is here to help. We’ll iron out the differences between the two programs, and why distinctions should be made when referring to Medicare. Read PolitiFact's full report for fact-checks on claims by Gov. Rick Scott and the Republican Party of Florida.


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Lots of lies that helped to kill Charlene Dill and untold other Florida citizens. The GOP has convened their own 'Death Panels' in the Florida House of Representatives led by Will Weatherford.


Get rid of this democrat hack sherman already. Everyone knows this broad is doing nothing here but supporting the democrat party here so fire here already you morons who own the herald.

Bill Thompson

Since this scumbag Scott is so interested in talking about funds taken from Medicare, he should take the opportunity to explain to the voters why his company was charged and paid the largest fine in the history of Medicare fraud. Was this horrible man responsible for leading the Medicare fraud that took out billions of taxpayer confiscated funds from Medicare or was he incompetent and had no clue what was going on inside his own company?

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