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WCTV: We take 'full responsibility,' apologize to Crist, Morgan for ad error that led to RPOF complaint


A Tallahassee CBS affiliate issued a public apology to Democrat Charlie Crist and his employer, Orlando trial lawyer John Morgan, for mistakenly running an ad that led to a Republican Party complaint because the spot violated campaign rules.

"WCTV wants to apologize to both Mr. Morgan and Mr. Crist for inadvertently airing a commercial that we were not instructed to air," the station said in an unsigned letter issued by General Manager Heather Peeples.

"The station receives many commercials from Morgan & Morgan and accidently typed in the wrong commercial code, causing the error," the letter said. "WCTV accepts full responsibility for this human error. Per the request of Morgan & Morgan, all commercials have been removed from WCTV’s air until further notice."

Barring any further evidence, then, it appears the RPOF complaint is moot. And a previous complaint about Morgan & Morgan's billboard ads appears to be going nowhere as well.


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Highly paid Republican operative

Apology accepted.

JoHNny HoTHead

Well, RPOF will find something else that's bogus to complain about. It's not like they'll STFU and go away...lol

ed jenkins

democrat primary voters including this one are not surprised by this illegal activity by the scumbag crist yet they are horrified that the party leaders continue to support this horrible man as their choice among the campaign meltdown that has been predicted for months and now has appeared.

It is even worse that this involves known drug dealers who are financing his campaign as well as campaigns to make illegal drug use more prevalent in our family friendly state.


@ ed jenkins, Family friendly state like medical marijuana for the friendly family members that are forced to take hard core narcotics that don't work and even kill. Family friendly like your self that says nasty things about John Morgan and Charlie Christ with no proof of what you wrote. Why the dirty campaign tactics? Maybe those that want to be in office as a public servant will campaign with a plan for the people. instead we get the same ole same ole. WEe get lies and public servants that think they are above the people and we get no where. My vote goes to a winner that will work for the people.

Slim Ashley

Morgan and Morgan manipulate Charlie Christ's strings.

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