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May 17, 2014

FEA backs Crist


No surprise here. The press release from the Charlie Crist campaign:

Charlie Crist, the People's Governor, today received the endorsement of the Florida Education Association and its 140,000 current and retired teachers, education professionals and teaching students. Governor Crist released the following statement:

"As a public school kid and graduate of our State University System, I am committed to public education. My dad served on the Pinellas County School Board, and two of my three sisters were public school teachers. There is nothing more important to our economy than improving our public schools, and as everyone knows, a world class education system is built on the foundation of a quality teacher for every student. Scott's first budget attempted to cut $4.8 billion from our public schools, which would have cost tens of thousands of teachers their jobs. When I was Governor, I worked to save the jobs of 20,000 teachers, and we saw record high school graduation rates. My first budget will fully restore student funding to the high levels when I was Governor, because if you give me the honor of serving as your Governor, I will wake up every day asking the simple question: what are we doing today to help our students succeed."

A tale of two Miami cities for Charlie Crist: Little Havana protests to Liberty City love-fest

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Today was a tale of two cities for Democrat Charlie Crist in Miami.

The candidate for governor held a field office opening in Little Havana, on Calle Ocho, and promptly ran into the buzzsaw of the Republican Party. This is GOP country. Holding an outdoor event, as Crist did, was an invitation for disruption and, as noted earlier, the GOP happily obliged.

Later in the day, the candidate for governor had a totally different experience in Liberty City, a predominantly black area of Miami. He was adored by the crowds at the field-office opening there, according to Miami Herald correspondent Theo Karantsalis.

“He knows where he came from and he will help the people,” said Renita Holmes, a community activist. “As you can see, the black community welcomes him back.” 

So many supporters, about 300, came to welcome Crist that organizers had to move his welcoming speech outdoors.

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Protesters disrupt Charlie Crist's Little Havana field office opening: "Shame on you!"


Charlie Crist's Plantation field office opening was a smashing success, with amped up crowds of supporters and controlled conditions.

The Little Havana field office opening on Saturday? Not so much. 

Any outside event in Miami is prone to be disrupted by protesters. That's the reason Gov. Rick Scott last week campaigned inside a car dealership. The Democrats outside couldn't be heard.

But Crist's staff decided to hold a media event outside. Republican protestors, many fired up over Crist's anti-embargo stance, made him pay for it, as a video from the conservative Shark Tank Blog shows.

"Shame on you! Shame on you!" they chanted, drowning out one speaker.

Crist had to take the mic and lead his supporters to chant back: "We love you! We love you!"

It's a nice message. But that's not Crist's campaign message.

Later, Crist campaign manager Omar Khan, addressed the crowd.

"We're not really going to be distracted by them," Khan said. "They can keep on screaming."

Well, they did. And when you and your candidate stop your speech, that's the definition of getting distracted.

"There's going to be a lot of noise," Khan said. "And the biggest amount of noise -- I wish this was going to be our biggest problem. It's not. It's going to be $100 million they spend on us."

On hand for the Republicans: former Congressman and Cuban exile leader Lincoln Diaz-Balart.

“Charlie Crist should realize that some things need to be above politics,” Diaz-Balart said in a statement. “There is too much human suffering involved for Crist to use Cuba in his search for attention.  His most recent comments about Cuba reveal a shallowness which is truly shocking. His nonchalant attitude on Cuba is callous and embarrassing.”