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Adam Putnam: Low-THC cannabis took amendment 'substantially off the table'


While few of the advocates for the marijuana amendment on the November ballot were opposed to the Legislature passing the low-THC cannabis for medical purposes, many were wary of it being a wolf in sheep's clothing that would allow opponents to claim the issue is resolved.

Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam told Adam Smith of the Tampa Bay Times and Al Ruechel of Bay News 9 that the narrowly drawn new law takes the constitutional amendment "substantially off the table." The law requires doctors to register patients on a state-controlled Compassionate Use Registry and allows the medical use of cannabis only for epileptic seizures, muscle spasms and cancer. 

Putnam, an opponent of Amendment 2, also disputes the economic potential of the new crop in Florida. "You're not going to see marijuana grown in former orange groves,'' he said. "This will all be grown indoors. This is not a potential cash crop. This is not a potential replacement....To me, the medical component of the marijuana ballot inititave is substantially off the table now."



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ed jenkins

The citizens would like to see this nonsense taken further off the table by removing this unwanted and un asked for bill from our state code which it has desecrated. Citizens of family friendly florida are disgusted by this attempt to allow dangerous illegal drugs into the state where they can harm children and lead to worthless lives for adults.

The Dude

Is Ed Jenkins some kind of comment computer? Like how the creators of South Park said Family Guy was written? With manatees?

Frank Mirabella

I have great respect for Commissioner Putnam and I usually agree with most of his political positions, but not on this one. Most everyone, has been denied the medical benefits of marijuana because of the lies told by the leadership of previous generations. As a result, all of us have been denied the benefits of the medicinal research necessary to benefit mankind. Even in this day and age medical science's main response to the dying process is to tick up the morphine pump. Apparently, according to recent public opinion polls indicating 88% in support of amendment 2, people have figured this out. I would hope that our elected public officials would implement the will of their constituents once the people have spoken.

Can't take anymore

Adam's future political ambitions guarantee he will tow the Republican Party line. What the majority of voters want is of no importance to the Republican overlords. No access to health care, pollution of the air and water, and low wage dead end jobs are the results of them running this state for the past 20 years. Their campaign contributors in the private prison industry will make damn sure that marijuana possession remains an offense that sends many thousands to lock up every year.


Just wait for the No on Amendment 2 ads to start running. Google the name of the ad sponsor. Bet you'll run into 3 or 4 newly-formed LLCs and you won't be able to trace where the money came from.

If the content of the ad says something like "Amendment 2 is not necessary because Gov. Scott signed into law this other marijuana thing ...." I'll bet you serious dollars that the ad was paid for - somehow - by the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF). They know Rick Scott got elected in 2010 only because too many people did not get out to vote. So it makes sense that they would run ads to try to keep people from thinking they needed to vote this time, whatever the issue.

No ad, no person, no party, should ever suggest 'you don't need to vote'. Beware of anyone or any group who does.


Families should be able to make educated decisions with their doctors as to what their medical treatment should be. Adam Putnum is an absolute hyprocrite who does not hold a medical degree and he sounds like fool. There are too damaging medications on the market and the people should have alternatives. The myths associated with marijuana are becoming public and yet you still have the ignorant few spouting out misinformation.

Bobby Johnson

Scott and the member of the Florida legislature should be arrested and tried for breaking federal law by authorizing an illegal drug to be sold in Florida.

Jack Watson

This cynical action by the legislature and Scott is just an attempt to make the ballot question moot, because they know it is a loser for GOP candidates. as it will drive more Democrats to vote in November. They will try to get the constitutional amendment knocked off the ballot and then rescind this law next year.

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