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Another week, a new Rick Scott ad: Grandpa


Gov. Rick Scott's campaign is out with a new positive spot, this one featuring him playing around with his grandchild, Auguste.

Scott is on pace to spend about $8.5 million on TV ads in over two months, a record sum this early for a campaign that intends to spend a total of $100 million (a fifth of which has already been spent). This might be his seventh ad (two of which are in Spanish).

Assuming the business poll we reported earlier is accurate, Scott spent $8 million unanswered in about two months and was able to move the polling needle a net 3 percentage points against former Gov. Charlie Crist, now a Democrat and his likely opponent.

Though this spot is positive, Scott gets in a subtle negative dig against what he sees as another opponent: "the news media." The ad opens up with the governor in his backyard reading a newspaper, which is interesting for two reasons: 1) Scott once said he doesn't read the papers and 2) the paper looks real, though previous ads of his have featured phony newspaper headlines to fit his political message.

Here's the text, followed by the ad:

GOVERNOR RICK SCOTT: You might’ve noticed the news media is not always my friend. But they aren’t the critics I worry about. This guy is. I spend every day worrying about what my grandson will think of me. I’m focused on the Florida we leave for his generation. That means more jobs and more opportunity. We’ve made a good start, but we have a lot more work to do. What do you say?

AUGUSTE: Let’s get to work, Grandpa.

GOVERNOR RICK SCOTT: That’s my line. Let’s get to work.


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What a cute kiddo. I liked the ad, too

Smart thinker

Sounds like Grandpa will better off getting an early retirement.


Love the ad. Proud to support a Governor that has delivered as promised and hope he gets to serve 4 more years.

Sharon G.

Give em hell Charlie!

Highly paid Republican operative

Another $91,500,000 remains to sell the voters with 30 second puff spots.

The Dems have no counter weight for the onslaught that awaits!


Charlie will have his daughter in his next ad... wait, he didn't want to do the paternity test.



Don't worry kid. Grandpa will have lots more babysitting time to spend with you after November.

Highly paid Republican operative

Please do not make any further snide comments about the Boss.

It is a sign of disrespect.


Grandpa, when I grow up, will I look like Gollum too?

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