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Charlie Crist: Cuba embargo, travel ban are 'definition of insanity'

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Charlie Crist minces no words describing the government of Cuba: "It's oppressive. It's anti-free-press. It's totalitarian. It's wrong."

But the likely Democratic gubernatorial nominee wants to visit Florida's communist neighbor this summer and says it's past time to lift the United States' 53-year-old Cuba trade embargo.

"The definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. This policy has not worked," Crist told the Tampa Bay Times and Miami Herald in an interview Friday, explaining for the first time the thinking behind his plans.

The controversial trip — panned by Republican Gov. Rick Scott as a public relations coup for the Castro regime — would be a first for such a high-profile Florida candidate, and it may not happen at all if the Department of State or Cuban government reject the idea. The former Republican governor said he is optimistic after submitting his request to the Department of State two weeks ago.

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Give em hell Charlie!

ed jenkins

Democrat primary voters are horrified that party leaders have not removed their preferred candidate status from this scumbag crist who is in the middle of the predicted campaign meltdown. This horrible man with his months long campaign to support communist dictators has greatly angered all florida and American citizens.

Moderate Republican

I'm not angry and as a citizen of this great state continue to support Governor Crist.

Democrat voter

I am not angry nor horrified nor are any of my many friends who all support Governor Christ.

Can't take anymore

Maybe we can get an extended visit with President for Life Kim in North Korea for our friend, Ed Jenkins. It is said that travel broadens the mind and Ed's sorely needs a good stretching.


In June of 1971, Pres. Richard Nixon ordered the lifting of the trade embargo with communist China.

In Feb. 1972 he visited China and met with Premier Chou En-Lai.

In Nov. of that year he was re-elected President.

Just saying', this doesn't seem to be an automatic career killer.

Bill McCollum

MM is a man with a fair historical perspective.


I don't often agree with Ed Jenkins but this time, he is right on.

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