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Charlie Crist stresses veterans care

Likely Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist today called on Veteraqns Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki to resign amid the scandal over VA problems and seized on a Pew analysis that tens of thousands of veterans in Florida are being denied health coverage because state leaders have declined to accept federal funding for Medicaid expansion:

I appreciate Secretary Eric Shinseki's service to his country, and while we don't know precisely what happened here, we do know that there must be accountability and confidence in leadership in order to get to the truth and provide veterans the medical care they've earned and deserve. That confidence is gone. I think it would be best if the Secretary stepped down and allowed others to get the VA fixed once and for all.

Moreover, if I were Governor, rather than using this moment as a political tool, I would take immediate action to employ any and all resources needed to make sure that our veterans here in Florida get the care that they need and deserve. I'd start by calling the legislature back in a special session to expand coverage to the more than 41,000 Florida veterans who fall into the health care gap and are not currently insured due to Rick Scott and the legislature's failure.

This isn't an issue of left versus right -- it's a crisis that requires leadership.

Rick Scott's unwillingness to lead on health care means that more than one million Floridians will not receive the health care they deserve and paid for — including more than 41,000 veterans. If he fought half as hard for health care for working Floridians as he does his corporate contributors, not only would 41,000 veterans have health care, Floridians would benefit from the creation of 100,000 new jobs.

The Florida GOP noted that the Crist campaign sent out a fundraising email on the matter:

“Charlie Crist’s attempt to raise campaign cash off of the VA tragedy is a new low for him and his campaign. Governor Scott has worked hard to hold the VA accountable, while Crist has sat on the sidelines as the evidence piled up that the men and women who served our country have been treated with neglect," said state GOP spokeswoman Susan Hepworth. "Crist is exploiting veterans to raise a few bucks while Governor Scott is leading the charge against the VA’s unacceptable actions. That’s called leadership – something Charlie Crist wouldn’t recognize if it hit him in the face."


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Nan Rich is running against C.Crist in the Democratic primary..so opening line is a leap.

ed jenkins

As this wise klmccook has pointed out democrat primary voters prefer this nancy lady as their choice since she is the only true democrat in the race.

As for this disaster of a campaign that was predicted and has now come to pass democrat primary voters are outraged that party leaders continue to give the scumbag crist preferred candidate status after the daily embarrassment that they are witnessing from him. This latest horrific mistake is to re-emphasize this poor oversight of veterans medical treatment which is greatly hurting the party nationally and is best dealt with by not mentioning it in campaigns yet this fool crist brings it back up to further harm democrat candidates. This type of irrational behavior makes some democrat primary voters wonder if this scumbag crist is working for the other side.

Robert Jenkins

My dealings with the V.A. pain management; was severely impacted by Gov. Scott. His "Pill Mill" legislation caused, irresponsible measures to be under taken by V.A. doctors to this very day!!! The "pill mill" law suggested that if a certain percentage of pain or anxiety medication prescribed were higher than other medications; the doctor would come under high investigation. The doctor was put on a watch list, and the patient would be "forced" to take frequent as well as random drug tests. My V.A. doctors said, that while they were Federal Government employees, their medical license is controlled by the state.So they were not going to prescribe "needed" medications as it would cause them undue burdens. I contacted this Governor's office and explained that of course a higher percentage of V.A. doctors prescriptions; due entirely to what the patient had endured, while serving in the Military!!! I received a letter stating that a patients Military service and the wounds (mental and physical) were over looked and not considered. They would review this law and see what could be done as far as an exception.Last week I was told, I was being cut off the pain medications immediatly, and I could no longer receive anti-anxiety medications due to the V.A. following Florida's "Pill Mill" statute.What ever happened to sound medical practice?

Broward Democrat

I support Nan Rich but if Crist beats her in the primary you can bet your bottom
dollar that I will support him. All true Democrats will.

Leon Democrat

The truth of this situation is that Nan Rich has virtually no chance of beating Governor Scott in the general election. It is a well known and researched fact that the President's party will lose seats in the Midterm elections, because the other party has higher turnout. Knowing this, there are some Republicans who would vote for Governor Crist, in fact, they have in the past. While I believe Rich is a wonderful legislator and would make a great governor, I don't believe this is her time to win the Democratic nomination, as she would stand no chance in the general election. Our top priority should be removing Governor Scott from office, which means supporting a man who in the past has enacted great laws as has been seen as a moderate. We can also trust him to follow our party platform in the future, because he will do what he needs to in order to win future elections.
I will, of course, support Nan Rich should she win the nomination, but I will be voting for Gov. Crist in the primary.


This scumbag Scott has done nothing to hold the VA accountable. To say that Scott is leading the charge to hold the VA accountable is laughable! In fact, many of our courageous veterans would be eligible for medicaid coverage if this horrible man would finally do the right thing and expand medicaid coverage.

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