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Crist campaign, committee: We raised $2.2m in April, more than Rick Scott (sort of)


Democrat Charlie Crist's campaign and political committee are bragging about what once seemed almost impossible: Outraising power-house fundraising Gov. Rick Scott.

"We raised $2.2 million in April -- our campaign and committee has once again out-raised Rick Scott -- and as of today, we've raised $10.24 million since November," Crist said in an email.

Scott's campaign and committee raised about $1.3 million.

But Scott's crew added one more variable: The Republican Party of Florida, which Scott also fundraises for (and which can get cheaper ad rates than his political committee). RPOF reported $1.72 million (note: last week, Scott's campaign said it was $1.4m, which could be the amount he raised).

So that brings Scott's total raised to $2.7 million to $3 milllion, and Crist's to $2.2m +.......?



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Highly paid Republican Consultant

The Boss will blow you Democrats away with $100,000,000!

Mrs. Ed Jenkins

Sorry - the GOP gave him money. Doesn't matter. A lot of folks raise money for the GOP - including Jeb and others. Doesn't count, just as I said the first time you ran this misleading story.

Mrs. Ed Jenkins

Get your facts together Marc. A bunch of speculation isn't good writing.

Highly paid Republican Consultant

Please put Ed to sleep for the night.

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