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Crist makes a claim about veterans lack of access to Medicaid expansion and pins the blame on Scott

As Memorial Day approached, both Gov. Rick Scott and his anticipated Democratic rival Charlie Crist called on Veterans Administration Secretary Eric Shinseki to resign amid news reports that VA staff falsified documentation about how long veterans were waiting to receive health care.

But then Crist pointed the finger at Scott in a series of tweets on May 22 and 23:

• "In addition -- if I were governor, I would take immediate action to make sure our veterans here in FL are getting the care they need."

• "I’d call a special session to expand health care to the more than 41,000 FL vets who are left w/o coverage due to Scott’s failure."

• "41.2k vets in FL don’t have health care because Scott didn't expand Medicaid. Unconscionable."

It was that last tweet that caught our eye. We decided to fact-check the number Crist cited and whether they lack health care because Scott failed to expand Medicaid. Turn to PolitiFact Florida for our full fact-check.


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I love all of Charlie's comments... "If I were governor..."

Well Charlie, you were governor. And you chose to pay more attention to your next opportunity than to the problems Joe Citizen was facing. Now you want to sit back and criticize the mess you left and paid no attention to while you were last here?


If elected this time around, would you be sucking up to Hillary for the VP slot on her ticket and jump ship in two years? That is your m.o. Never stay in a position for more than one term, if that...

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