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Crist may visit Cuba


In a move that would have been unthinkable for any statewide Florida candidate just a few years ago,  Charlie Crist is looking into visiting Cuba this summer.

Nothing is final, but Crist is eager to learn more about the country as he calls for normalizing relations with Florida's neighbor.

"The embargo has done nothing in fifty years to change the regime in Cuba or end the suffering of the Cuban people," said Crist campaign spokesman Kevin Cate. "Gov. Crist is exploring every opportunity to help bring economic freedom and democracy to the people of Cuba.”

Recent polls show a majority of Floridians, including Cuban-American Floridians, support lifting the embargo, as Crist advocates. Still, Crist's advocacy for lifting the embargo is risky and could motivate Republican exiles in Miami-Dade to turn out in November to defeat him.


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ed jenkins

This disaster needs to be removed from democrat party leaders preferred candidate status before he does irreparable damage to the party. The citizens will be horrified to find out the scumbag crist is supporting communist dictators after all of the other people he has offended in this short stretch. Democrat primary voters including this one have already stated that they will vote for the nancy lady so it is about time that party leaders pull the plug on this horrible man's campaign.

Highly paid Republican operative

I am impressed. This could be a master stroke generating free media coverage
during the summer lull and showing Crist to be ahead of the curve.

Can't take anymore

The only people likely to be offended by Charlie taking a trip to Cuba are those that wouldn't vote for him anyway. The door to regular trade and travel to Cuba by US citizens is finally not far away. Though they are trying very hard, the Castro brothers will not live forever. If the next Cuban government has to chose between warming up to the USA or going back to being a satellite of Putin's Russia you can bet they will chose us.

Truth o meter

I would have voted for charlie and was truly going to vote for him, I am a Republican, My Grandfather was in the bay of pigs,and a prisoner in the Castro Regime. To go visit, he should take Joe Garcia with him,and maybe he can be Governor in Cuba. I am now 100% with Scott.

Stephen Griffard

very brave. I am a Republican who was going to support Rick Scott but I respect bravery so I will be going with Crist.

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