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David Beckham calls new Florida stadium subsidies a "milestone"

With Tallahassee endorsing more subsidies for stadiums and adding soccer to the list of eligible sports, representatives for David Beckham are touting the vote as a "milestone." Beckham's organization hired a lobbyist to push for the state help. The statement from his Miami press team today:

Today marks another important milestone in our efforts to bring major league soccer to Miami.  By approving this legislation, the state has shown that it truly understands the far reaching impact and importance soccer has on the hundreds of thousands of youth and adults that play and the millions of fans who watch.  

 Soccer is in fact the most popular game in the world.  MLS’ avid fan base is the fastest growing of any sport, outpacing all others in the past 12 years.  And this surge in popularity is coming from nearly all ages of both men and women. 

 Yet, this excitement will only grow as David Beckham brings his team to Miami.

 “We appreciate the work done by our government officials and their recognition of the enormous popularity of soccer,” said David Beckham.  “Today is not only good for Orlando and Miami, it’s great for all of Florida.  I look forward to continuing the work with our fans and the community.”