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David Beckham registers as Miami-Dade County Hall lobbyist


Looking for David Beckham's autograph? It's on file at Miami-Dade County Hall, on a lobbyist registration form.

Beckham had to fill out the form before meeting with county commissioners to speak to them about a potential Major League Soccer stadium on public land. He hadn't registered earlier -- leading to a complaint that he had violated county rules requiring people trying to influence politician's decisions to register.

The Commission on Ethics and Public Trust cleared Beckham in March, saying had not had to register because, up to that point, his interactions with elected leaders had amounted to "meet and greet" occasions, and not to meetings over a pending proposal.

Now that Mayor Carlos Gimenez's administration is negotiating with Beckham's group, the retired English footballer and international celebrity had to file the form like everyone else. 

On the form dated May 2, Beckham registered on behalf of XIX Entertainment, the company run by his business partner, Simon Fuller -- who has also filed as a lobbyist, according to county records.


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ed jenkins

The citizens have made it known that they do not want their money confiscated for the benefit of private enterprises including sports teams, including below market rent and land sale prices.

While the citizens welcome all businesses, they recommend this enterprise locate their team in another country as this primitive game is not liked by americans. Americans long ago invented more advanced games such as football because they were bored with the dull game of soccer.


Ed speaks the truth. Crappy communist sport. No real sport would allow Mexico finish in the top 4. The only thing they do well down there are beheadings.

Bobby Johnson

Now that he is a registered lobbyist, the commissioners will be sure to bend on everything that Beckham wants, once he makes the required under-the-table payoffs.

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