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Ex-Lt. Gov. Carroll laments Scott's 'good ol' boy system'

Former Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll continues to make noise about her rocky tenure as Gov. Rick Scott's No. 2, including new references to Scott having had "issues with HCA and Medicaid fraud."  

Carroll was on a Cocoa Beach radio station Monday where she cited "wrongdoing" by Scott's chief of staff, Adam Hollingsworth, and a "good ol' boy system" where it was difficult for minorities to work. She appeared on WMEL's "Seeta and Friends" program, hosted by a fellow native of Trinidad, Seeta Begui.

"I gave him 100 percent of my loyalty, even though we didn't know each other prior to running, and he had his issues with HCA and Medicaid fraud. I never asked him a question about that. Never," Carroll said. "I still followed their rules and so forth, and when it came time that I would have expected him to give me the common courtesy that he gave to his male counterparts there, his chief of staff, who had wrongdoing, he supported and defended them. Me, with no wrongdoing, (he) utilized an excuse and asked me to leave office for no reason."

Hollingsworth acknowledged in December that while in private employment, he falsely claimed a degree from the University of Alabama before he obtained it. Scott publicly supported Hollingsworth at the time. Hollingsworth helped to force Carroll from office on March 12, 2013.

Carroll continued: "It's bad enough, particularly for minorities, when you are in the good old boy system, you're trying to walk that fine line because, you know, there are little whispers that they give. You know, if you go off too much, then there's a B-I-T-C-H. If you don't do enough, you're a wimp."

Carroll, a Republican and the first African-American lieutenant governor in Florida history, wants Scott to apologize for forcing her to resign and said she plans to write a tell-all book about her experience. She was forced out when officials learned that prior to becoming lieutenant governor, she was a paid consultant to a veterans' group accused of having ties to the illegal Internet cafe gaming industry.

In response to Carroll's statements, Scott's press secretary, John Tupps, said Tuesday: “Jennifer Carroll made the right decision for her family by resigning. We appreciate her service to the state.”

The Associated Press reported recently that Carroll failed to report nearly $100,000 in income from Allied Veterans of the World, and changed two financial disclosure statements to include the payments after she was questioned by FDLE agents.


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Highly paid Republican Consultant

No one ought to be critical of the Boss least of which an insider.

Bill Thompson

Just one more example of this scumbag Scott and his bigoted staff that hates minorities. First they insulted hispanics, making fun of them and causing a respected Cuban-American entrepreneur, job creator and major fundraiser to quit the campaign. Now this. Florida voters should take the example of the NBA did when dealing with a bigot. This November, voters should ban this horrible man from elected office.


A little "ate-up" with it there Bill? But you hate everybody, right? Ha ha!

Can't take anymore

Looks like the former Lt. Gov. came awfully close to calling Rick Scott a "honky cracker" and is still really pissed about her treatment at his hands. These Tea Bag Republicans sure know how do minority outreach!

Highly paid Reublican Consultant

tallyguy1 do I know you?


You lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas. There is enough documentation available for anyone willing to do the homework that shows this group in leadership in Florida are nothing but a bunch of grifters, and the guy at the top belongs behind bars. As Carl Hiaasen put it, "in any other state Rick Scott wound have had to change his name, but in Florida they elect him Governor." True words.

mrs. jenkins

Carroll is an empty skirt and a carpet cruncher who should be wearing an orange jump suit at Club Fed.
She should have been prosecuted for her role in the fraudulent veterans group.
The skank is an embarrassment to our state. Another crony of the great corruptor Jeb Bush!

Bill Thompson


I only hate zenophobic, corrupt and sleazy politicians, of which we have a large collection of here in Florida. Are you one of them?

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