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FDP highlights Rick Scott's job-numbers flip-flop


Flip-flopping -- it's not just for Democratic candidate for governor Charlie Crist.

Gov. Rick Scott does it too, and the Florida Democratic Party reminds us today with a web video of how the Republican changed his tune on job creation after he won office.

"Our plan is seven steps to 700,000 jobs that plan is on top of what normal growth would be," Scott said in a 2010 TV debate.

"You want to add 700,000 jobs on top of what the economic recovery would bring," a moderator noted. "We're talking in seven years about 1.7 million jobs..."

But after taking office, Scott twice told reporters -- one with the Associated Press, another with a reporter in the Miami Herald/Tampa Bay Times bureau -- that his job-growth plan was not in addition to the employment forecast. Basically, Scott will take credit for every job that was created.

As with other lines of attack in this campaign, this one has been examined already. PolitiFact gave Scott a "Full Flop" rating in 2011.


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Give em hell Charlie!

Bobby Johnson

You can add all the other flip-flops this year, from legalizing medical marijuana to giving in-state tuition breaks for illegal aliens, discontinuing the voter list cleanup, stopped drug testing for welfare recipients and state employees and the list goes on.

Highly paid Republican Consultant

These are not flip flops but rather changes of position after personal reflection.

ed jenkins

The citizens continue to be pleased that they have this excellent fiscal steward scott after the disaster left by the scumbag crist, something that this democrat primary voter unfortunately cannot take any credit for since he did not vote in the previous governor election. As they continue to learn more about this scott, they have been won over after initially doubting him as a political novice. While a governor's job is not to produce certain amounts of employment and they cannot control an item such as this, they can create a business friendly environment which leads to more commerce and therefore more employment which is something the citizens are thankful to scott for promoting.

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