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FL black leaders to all-white Council of 100: You don't represent FL, 'bend to Scott bullying'


The Florida Council of 100 business group wanted to avoid controversy by dis-inviting former Gov. Charlie Crist from speaking.

It backfired. 

The decision became statewide news and it gave Crist a more-elevated platform than he otherwise had. Now, Sen. Dwight Bullard, the chair of the Florida Legislative Black Caucus, and Rep. Perry E. Thurston, Florida House Democratic Caucus chair, have sent a letter to the group that accuses it of being spineless -- and racially exclusionary.

Here's the letter:

Florida’s Council of 100 purports to be a “nonprofit, nonpartisan organization of business leaders, which exists to promote the economic growth of Florida.” Your mission statement even claims you are seeking to “effect positive change” that is “beneficial to all Floridians.”

So it was simply incredible to us that your organization would abruptly cancel an invitation to speak by a Democratic candidate running for governor simply because he is a Democrat. It is amazing that your assemblage of powerful business leaders would so easily bend to the bullying of Governor Scott — who apparently just wanted to quiet any view of Florida inconsistent with his own.

Disregarding that you purport to be a “nonpartisan” organization, who does your organization truly represent?

Your officers and board are comprised of 31 people, of whom only five are women and only three appear to be Democrats. Of the 31 Floridians who lead your organization, not one of them is an African-American.

To repeat, in the year 2014, not one of your 31 officers or directors is an African-American. Your actions and your choices make it abundantly clear whom you seek to represent.



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Smart thinker

Not a wise Council.

Truth o meter

I Don't find anything racist can believe the herald actuality entertained this...WOW !

Ds turning to I

Dumb Dwight

Mrs. Ed Jenkins

Truth o meter: Learn English and return. Thank you.

Ellen Williby

I had searched some basic info on this group earlier today and found the same data as you did. My comment at the time was : I am very curious about their stated purpose. I would love to read some of the "position statements and policy letters" they have written to see exactly what they feel is "beneficial to all Floridians" Until I can see some of those, I will remain skeptical. ........."The Council works closely with the Governor and the state agencies, the Legislature, the judicial branch, and other private organizations, to effect positive change in the state and achieve quality of life improvements for the citizens of Florida. Through our reports, position statements, policy letters, issue advocacy, and public relations, we keep state leaders and policy makers apprised of key topics relevant to today’s Florida and make recommendations for enhancing state policies and programs in ways beneficial to all Floridians."


LOL. Way to turn it into a racial issue. Tools. What have the democrats done to advance anything for blacks? What opportunities have they created? Democrats take the black vote for granted and expect them to be there in situations like this, yet there is NEVER any benefit for doing so.

Carry on. Until you are needed next time.

Tom Reynolds

This group and this letter is exactly why independents and no party affiliation is the fastest growing group of newly or changing voters in the state. The white haters and the black haters hard at work hating and creating hate. Keep up the good work Ye'all!

Paul M Smith

Rather than resort to name calling and speculation, let's look into what is this group is all about. Why would they dis-invite(which suggests that he was once invited) the democratic candidate for governor Charlie Crist from speaking to the group. Why does this group not have African American members? Were they invited to join but declined? Is there a deliberate and undeniable bent toward a white conservatives-only orientation by this group? Does the focus of this group bend toward..Rick Scott's bullying to do his bidding?

I would like a more definitive exploration into how this group operates with the governor, the legislature, the judicial branch and other powerful private stakeholders to do its work. Is it somehow ideologically based to support one group over the other?

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