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Fla GOP re-launches anti-Crist Dem web site


Four years ago today, the Florida Democratic Party launched a new website, CutandRunCrist.com, to drive home the message that when the going got tough in Florida, then-Republican Gov. Charlie Crist bailed on Florida to run for U.S. Senate.

"By running for U.S. Senate, Charlie Crist has cut and run on the Sunshine State, once again taking the easy way out, avoiding responsibility and leaving the hard work of facing Florida's problems to the next governor," Democratic Party Chairwoman Karen Thurman said at the time. "At a time when Florida needs real leadership, unfortunately Charlie Crist is running from the mess he created, which is why Floridians are going to send Crist into retirement come Election Day. As governor, Crist has had time to jet-set around on his cronies' private jets, attend cocktail parties in Washington D.C., and hobnob with celebrities, yet he has done nothing to create jobs in Florida."

That happens to be the same message the Florida GOP is using today as Crist  runs as a Democrat for the job he gave up. So it was mighty fortunate for the Republicans that the state Democratic party forgot to renew that site, so the Republicans could buy it. Today, the Florida Republican party re-launches CutandRunCrist.com, which among other things features a bunch of quotes from current Crist supporters attacking him for leaving Florida in its time of need.

“When Florida lost over 830,000 jobs and saw its unemployment rate triple thanks to Charlie Crist’s failed leadership, he didn’t stick around to help Florida families. Instead, he tried to run away to Washington. And when he did, Florida Democrats aggressively reminded voters that Charlie Crist was only out for himself," said Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera. "By re-launching this website, we’re happy to let Democrats make the case against the man they’ve now embraced as their party’s choice for governor.”

For those keeping track, this is the third former Florida Democratic Party website that the GOP has bought because the Democrats neglected to renew it. The Florida GOP also owns www.EmptyChairCharlie.com  and www.FloridaDems.com.


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ed jenkins

The citizens appreciate this informative website published by democrat party leaders about the scumbag crist and his horrible record which is why democrat primary voters have never voter for this horrible man in the past and why they plan to vote for the nancy lady in the primary. It is about time that the rest of the democrat party leaders listen to the wise Karen lady who described the mess the scumbag crist left us with.


This is all the GOP has -- dirty tricks. They need name change to VBP -- very boring party.


Larry, Dirty tricks? How so? This is what the Democrats were saying about Charlie...

What happens when Charlie isn't Democrat enough for you on an issue, or he changes his mind as he is very apt to do? Or a real candidate who has values rooted in strong Democrat beliefs comes along?

I know he is the only thing for your team right now, but it sure is funny watching you guys kick and scream and try to defend him...

Dirty tricks... that is funny.

H.R. Halderman

Dirty tricks indeed!

Ed Jenkins

The readers are tired of the newspaper posting press releases as news stories by lazy reporters who are too lazy to report on genuine news stories and as a result the newspaper continues to lose subscribers. The readers urge the newspaper to fire and replace these lazy reporters.

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