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Joe Biden drops by Rep. Joe Garcia campaign office opening

From a press release:

"MIAMI, FL – Today, Vice President Joe Biden made an unannounced visit to Representative Joe Garcia’s campaign kickoff, joining Representative Garcia to open his campaign office in Miami.

"Vice President Biden and Representative Garcia addressed more than 200 volunteers who were in attendance at the campaign’s first grassroots event of 2014. The grand opening marks the launch of a massive mobilization campaign that will include major voter-to-voter contact on the phones and at the doors by Representative Garcia and his energized grassroots supporters.

“I was honored to be joined Vice President Biden and hundreds of supporters as we kicked off our grassroots campaign – South Florida residents are excited and energized to win this race,” said Representative Joe Garcia. “From the doors to the phones, we are building one of the strongest grassroots campaigns in Florida, and our message of getting Washington focused on problems that matter – like finally passing comprehensive immigration reform, fixing the flood insurance program and helping businesses grow jobs – is truly resonating with South Florida families.“

"Immediately following the event, dozens of volunteers went into their neighborhood, going door-to-door to register voters.

"The office address is: 12851 SW 42nd Street, Miami, FL 33175; 2nd Floor."


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ed jenkins

The citizens are horrified that their vice president would appear with let alone support this about to be indicted Garcia who they want to resign as soon as possible so they can be represented by someone who cares about them rather than just wants to hold a position as bargaining power against prosecutors.

Adonna H.

Wow! The Vice President. Joe Garcia is doing a great job, the opening looked a lot of phone. I'll be at the next one!


Hey Ed Jenkins, why do you need to lie? Garcia is not being investigated and is not headed toward any indictment. Actually, it's the Republican David Rivera, I guess he's your favorite, who is facing indictment.
On the other hand, Garcia is now recognized as one of the most effective freshman in the history of Congress. That's why Obama was with him a few weeks ago and Biden showed up on Saturday.
Your lies ring hollow.


Florida Congressman Joe Garcia, Accepts Money from Radical Muslim Group...By Joe Kaufman

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