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Gimenez gets a stern memo, about a memo


Miami-Dade Commissioner Xavier Suarez shot off another scathing memo to Mayor Carlos Gimenez this week. This topic: Gimenez's proposed rewrite and extension of the Miami Heat's current arena agreement. 

(Read the memo here: Download Suarez memo.) 

Last week, Gimenez proposed giving the Heat an additional five years in the county-owned AmericanAirlines Arena, which would keep the team in downtown Miami at least through 2035. In exchange, the Heat would donate $1 million a year to the county's parks department, and the arena's current $6.4 million subsidy from Miami-Dade would increase to $8.5 million between 2031 and 2035.

Gimenez's nine-page memo (read it here: Download Memo and Reso) outlining the deal called the proposed agreement a good investment for Miami-Dade, citing the "national and international exposure provided by having the Miami Heat call Miami-Dade County home..."

But Suarez, a former Miami mayor, took issue with Gimenez's approach to weighing the costs of the proposed deal, saying the current subsidies that would be transfered to the new agreement should be considered a cost, too. 

He also ridiculed a bulleted outline of the deal on Page One of the Gimenez memo, calling it "the most slanted and least informative summary of a major public/private contract that I have seen in close to thirty years of public life." 

The last time we saw a memo this (ahem) heated from Suarez to Gimenez, the topic was PortMiami

We've asked Gimenez's spokesman and the Heat for comment. Stay tuned for updates. 



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ed jenkins

The citizens applaud this suarez for making sure their confiscated money is not used for the sole benefit of a private business owner as it appears this gimenez is trying to do. The citizens know that this team will not leave this stadium or city so those threats need not be paid attention to. The threats of leaving for any sports teams should be ignored as they are a financial detriment to this city and these teams have nowhere else to go where they can find a market this strong.

Billy Johnson

All these sports team billionaires are looking for a government bailout. Ross, Arison and Beckham have their hands out, looking to reach into the taxpayer's pocket.

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