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Gov. Rick Scott's Half True claim about 40 tax cuts

It seems like just yesterday we were analyzing Gov. Rick Scott’s claim that he had cut taxes for Floridians 24 times. But on May 13, Scott’s campaign raised the count to 40.

"Governor Scott Cut Taxes 40 Times For Florida Families," Scott for Floridaannounced on Twitter. "40 tax cuts in 4 years. #letskeepworking."

Scott and the Legislature don’t have the budget shortfalls of years past, so tax cuts were the name of the game in Tallahassee in 2014, especially with Scott up for re-election. What were these new cuts he was touting? We hit the lawbooks to find out.

Turn to PolitiFact Florida for the answer.


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This scumbag Scott has actually cut very little in the way of taxes for the everyday Floridian. Most of his cuts have been for his big corporate donors, while the everyday citizen is getting the crumbs. Nothing material or significant that would make an impact. He should have taken the money and used it to pay down the state's debt burden, instead of borrowing more in order to give tax cuts to his big corporate donors.


You vote Republican and you get what you deserve.

Never trust a Republican - EVER.

ed jenkins

The citizens are thankful for this scott whose exemplary fiscal management has resulted in fewer confiscations of taxpayer money than planned by the scumbag crist.


Mr. Scott is not interested and never was in helping Floridians. Despite all the hateful things he has done to Floridians over the past 4 years I would forgive if he did what he promised. Create 1.7 million jobs by 2018. Unfortunately for those of us that have to work in Florida he is one track to be a million jobs short. He lied. That is my problem with Rick Scott. He always is lying. He is roundly booed now in public and will not answer questions he does not like. He embarrassed Floridians with another voting scandal and made no effort to work for expanded medicaid. With a million uninsured the man is despicable.

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