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Gov. Scott will veto 75 mph speed limit bill

Days after attending the funeral of a state trooper, Gov. Rick Scott said Tuesday he will veto a bill that would allow drivers to go 75 miles an hour on Florida highways.

“I’m going to stand with law enforcement,” Scott said. “I want everybody to stay safe. I don’t want anyone to be injured, so I’m going to veto that bill.”

Scott declared his opposition five days after he went to the funeral of a Florida Highway Patrol trooper who was struck and killed by a passing car while investigating an accident on Interstate 75 in Ocala. The victim, Chelsea Renee Richard, died a week before her 31st birthday and on the day that her boyfriend, also a trooper, planned to ask her to marry him.

Richard, a nine-year veteran of the FHP, is survived by a four-year-old son. Two others, a tow truck driver and his friend, also were killed in the May 3 crash.

At Richard’s funeral last Thursday, another trooper, Tod Cloud, urged Scott to veto the bill, saying it “wasn’t a bright idea” for the state to promote faster driving and that people “do not drive with common sense” on I-75.

Contrary to pushing for higher speeds, Cloud said the state should reduce the speed limit on I-75 to 55 when the road surface is wet from rain.

Scott said Cloud made a “convincing” case, adding: “He was very passionate about it. He’s very concerned about troopers being out there on the highway and people driving too fast. By doing this, we’re doing the right thing.”

Supporters, including Sen. Jeff Brandes, R-St. Petersburg, noted that the bill only gave state DOT engineers the discretion to set the "save and advisable" speeds on interstates. But it nearly died in the House, squeaking through on a 58-56 vote, with 17 Republicans voting no.


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Rick Scott SHOULD NOT Have VETOED this bill.

WE WERE TALKING A 5 mph increase, NOT A 20 mph one. This "veto" is NOT about safety. BUT politics!

Next the trooper death was reported as a potential DUI! www.wtxl.com/news/fhp-trooper-tow-truck-driver-and-pedestrian-killed-in-i/article_39d241c2-d319-11e3-bacc-0017a43b2370.html

“Troopers are now looking into whether the driver of the pick-up truck was impaired at the time of the crash.”)

Third, here are the other Death rates of 75 mph states. NOTICE that with one exception. THEY ALL WENT DOWN!

Here are the FARS data:

AZ 1996 55/65 mph death rate 2.36 2011 with 75 mph speed limit death rate: 1.38
ID 1996 55/65 mph death rate 1.99 2011 with 75 mph speed limit death rate: 1.05 (Now 80 mph)
KS 1996 55/65 mph death rate 1.89 2011 with 75 mph speed limit death rate: 1.29
ME 1996 55/65 mph death rate 1.32 2011 with 75 mph speed limit death rate: .95
MT 1996 55/65 mph death rate 2.12 2011 with 75 mph speed limit death rate: 1.79
NE 1996 55/65 mph death rate 1.80 2011 with 75 mph speed limit death rate: .95
NV 1996 55/65 mph death rate 2.18 2011 with 75 mph speed limit death rate: 1.02
ND 1996 55/65 mph death rate 1.26 2011 with 75 mph speed limit death rate: 1.62
OK 1996 55/65 mph death rate 1.96 2011 with 75 mph speed limit death rate: 1.47
SD 1996 55/65 mph death rate 2.24 2011 with 75 mph speed limit death rate: 1.23
TX 1996 55/65 mph death rate 2.02 2011 with 75 mph AND 80 MPH speed limit death rate: 1.27.
UT 1996 55/65 mph death rate 1.64 2011 with 80 mph speed limit death rate: .92
WY 1996 55/65 mph death rate 1.94 2011 with 75 mph speed limit death rate: 1.46 (Now 80 mph)

FL death rate is almost the same as TX who has 80 mph speed limits!


Duke Ganote

COP OUT! Can't MAN UP to the "inconvenient truth" -- the "Interstate System actually has the best safety record of all roads and the lowest fatality rate per mile traveled... The speeding fatality rate for local roads is three times that for Interstates" (FHWA brochure: Speeding Counts (On All Roads)).

About ONE PERCENT of Florida's traffic deaths occurred on rural interstates in 2012 -- despite carrying 5% of travel-mileage. But we can count on the "thin blue line" to continue a relatively-easy interstate lifestyle. The real challenge is risky behaviors (drunk driving) or dangerous locations (local roads) -- but only if your priority is saving lives.

I tell my teenage daughters “You may not get caught by the police on a local road doing stupid maneuvers, but you can easily wrap your car around a tree, head-on into opposing traffic, or T-bone another vehicle at an intersection. Oh, but you’ll certainly get a ticket on the interstate, ’cause that’s where the cops hang out generating revenue."

My daughters get the straight truth. The police, AAA, and Gov. Scott are just pandering.

ed jenkins

The citizens are disappointed that this scott will not allow cars to legally travel at their natural speeds on these roads.

Readers will mostly have to live without the contributions of this democrat primary voter for the next week as important travels will take precedence to gain further insight into the thoughts of the citizens. If time permits some comments could be made but otherwise there are some wise posters such as the joseph kreps and doctor from yesterday who can provide insights that these mostly horrible article writers will not provide in this once great hometown paper. The readers once again remind article writers to listen to their wished and urges their termination by herald owners if this is not done.

Not Deceived

Stand with Law Enforcement? People forget his disregard for them until re-election time. Some have gotten raises like FHP but the damage he has done in trying to prioritize corrections so that he can have private security interests make money has cost correctional lives and made it even more hazardous place to attempt to earn a living. Especially since they have not gotten the law enforcement raises despite being law enforcement in state statute. Tell the officers from Department of Corrections on the Killed in Line of Duty Monument they aren't law enforcement.

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