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Supreme Court requires GOP consultant Bainter to release redistricting docs in trial

The ping pong over secret redistricting documents ended Tuesday as the Florida Supreme Court ruled that 538 pages of emails, maps and planning documents of a GOP political operative must be allowed into the record in the ongoing redistricting trial – but only if the courtroom is closed.

The 5-2 ruling by the state’s high court was a victory for the voters groups who are challenging the congressional maps drawn by the Legislature and alleging that a “shadow” redistricting process was conducted by political consultants and operatives in an attempt to unconstitutionally influence the legislature’s drawing of the 2012 maps.

But the ruling was also a triumph for Pat Bainter, and his company Data Targeting, who sought to have shield his confidential conversations from the public. Trial court Judge Terry Lewis had ruled that Bainter’s documents could remain confidential unless they were entered as evidence in the trial but the First District Court of Appeal reversed that decision and ordered the documents to remain sealed. 

The plaintiffs in the case, led by the League of Women voters, asked the high court for an expedited review and argued, in briefs that were kept under seal, that the documents should be opened and allowed in court.

Because the case is ongoing and the justices have not had time to determine whether the documents should be allowed in public, the justices ordered Lewis to “maintain the confidentiality of the documents by permitting any disclosure or use only under seal of the court and in a courtroom closed to the public.''

The ruling protects Bainter in the event any documents are deemed “trade secrets” as his lawyers argue but also allows the trial to continue. The trial is in its second week and faces a tight deadline of next Wednesday for completion.

The First Amendment Foundation and some news organizations are reviewing the ruling to decide whether they will take a position on the issue.

"This litigation is unique because it impacts the statewide operation of government and the validity of Florida’s current system of government through the alleged unconstitutionality of the 2012 apportionment plan,'' the majority wrote in the opinion signed by Justices Barbara Pariente, Peggy Quince, Jorge Labarga and James E.C. Perry. Download Sc14-987

Justice R. Fred Lewis concurred with an opinion. Justices Ricky Polston and Charles Canady dissented, with an opinion.

The high court decision came even before the appeals court released its written opinion. The court had ordered the documents sealed late in the day on Thursday but was expected to make its findings and determine the rule of law in a written opinion that has not yet been issued.

Polston blasted that order of events as “truly unprecedented” and chastised the majority as “simply guessing at what the First District’s opinion will state as the basis for its ruling in order to engage in the active trial management.” 

He also accused the court of unconstitutionally pre-empting the appellate court.

 “In short, this Court has predetermined appellate error and awarded the petitioners full relief in the trial court by requiring admission of evidence,’’ Polston wrote.

Polston also noted that "Florida’s constitution does not grant this Court the jurisdiction to generally weigh in on evidentiary rulings and discovery disputes in ongoing civil trials." 

The majority noted that the "statewide importance" of the litigation and the "lack of Florida precedent" regarding the secret documents, made it likely that that the appellate court would have referred the issue to the high court.  

"In order to maintain the status quo during the ongoing trial, preserve this Court’s ability to completely exercise the eventual jurisdiction it is likely to have to review the First District’s decision, and prevent any irreparable harm that might occur if the Petitioners are prevented from using the challenged documents, we conclude that we must grant the petition and stay the enforcement of the First District’s reversal of the circuit court, pending the completion of the trial,'' the court concluded.

The ruling will create some challenges for Lewis, who has allowed the trial to be broadcast daily on public broadcasting’s The Florida Channel.

Lewis was told of the ruling and the potential for a closed courtroom at the end of the redistricting hearing on Tuesday. “I wasn't about to close it without someone telling me," he said.




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ed jenkins

The citizens are tired of seeing resources funded with funds confiscated from them used for petty bickering over mundane administrative tasks of government. These cartographers should take their arguments elsewhere so the citizens do not have to pay for this nonsense.

Live Free

That's the most ignorant comment I could imagine someone writing here. THIS is EXACTLY what we should be showing on TV! Maybe if people watched how our major political parties operate more people would get IT! These are real freedom fighters in that courtroom! If you don't think this matters, your assuring your opinion doesn't as well. Please don't critique what you don't understand, other people may suspect it as fact.


Naturally the Supreme court justice who wanted to keep the evidenced sealed was a Republican. The maps need to be redrawn. Anyone who pays attention to this can see that the process has been corrupted by Republicans.

ed jenkins

The citizens want this nonsense ended and people and would advise people with this mapmaking hobby to find a better place to take argue with each other. For those that cannot deal with this obsession without talking to a government leader, talk to your local congressman or senator so that the our valuable court time is not wasted with such trivial matters.


The people suing have made a mockery of the redistricting process. The whole constitutional amendment that was passed was so poorly thought out, that anyone can make the same arguments every ten years... and bring the same case every ten years. Next time, if the Democrats are in control, beware of what you asked for... you will have to prove the same, and significantly changing districts will be viewed as favoring Democrats at that point. Bunch of idiots... the process wasn't perfect, but it worked... but after 122 years in control, you couldn't stand not being in control for a few years.

jack mudry

The process must be open and transparent to avoid crony capitalism, no matter which party is in power.

Jack Watson


The politicians and their operatives have made a mockery of the intent of the constitutional amendments with their obfuscation and rope-a-dope tactics. The constitutional amendments probably were poorly thought out; they all usually are and have resulted in unexpected consequences. You are right that the process wasn't perfect, but that it worked for the party in power that desperately wanted to hold onto it and not for the citizens.

Christopher M. Kennard

There is little doubt that this case regarding redistricting is of paramount importance to the citizens of Florida, if we ever wish to end political interference with this process to determine district boundaries.

I concur with the feeling that these court cases are a waste of tax payers money, however, we did not stop the illegal activities from occurring, so now we, the public, must pay the price of correcting the wrongs done. Otherwise, this corrupted process continues to adversely affect the ability of Florida voters to select their representatives of their choice, rather than those selected by political parties to rule over us from gerrymandered seats of power.

I further concur that both major parties, the Republicans and the Democrats have both poisoned the well of good government by rigging the district boundaries.

This process needs to be performed every ten years, based upon updated census results, without the involvement of either political party. They can't help themselves from engaging in improper activities. Both parties wish to win at any cost.

Again, the citizens of the USA do pay the price.

Frankly, anyone now in elected office from my area, Ocala, Florida, has earned themselves a ticket out the door, and please do not presume to come back again!

I will not vote for anyone now in elected office, be it on the local, state or federal level. None of them deserve to be returned back to office. Just look at the mess they have made of things in the last few years. Time for a change!

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