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New health care 'train' would include trauma, ALFs, surgery centers


The 60-day legislative session is in its waning hours with one big issue -- the grandfathering of three disputed HCA trauma centers -- still unresolved.

But a "strike-all" amendment filed tonight by Rep. Jason Brodeur, R-Sanford, could be the vehicle to make it happen. And it also may explain why Rep. Richard Corcoran, R-Land O' Lakes, has been spending so much time in the Senate gallery huddling with his counterparts. The proposal includes changes to the health insurance program for state employees that Corcoran is reportedly championing.

This amendment to House Bill 7105 creates a brand new health care "train," an omnibus bill that bundles several topics into one. Brodeur's amendment was filed at 7:55 p.m. just as onlookers began to wonder if the "trauma drama" fix found in a handful of bills wouldn't make it to the finish line. (UPDATE: Brodeur withdrew his initial amendment and filed a revision, swapping the Senate's trauma center language for the House's, at 9:40 p.m. It was the later version that the House approved but the Senate declined to take up.)

Originally, HB 7105 focused on rulemaking changes for nurse homes and updates to the state's organ donation program. But the Senate got a hold of it this week and added on a bunch of stuff. However, Brodeur's amendment starts mostly from scratch.adds on much more.

Of course, there are no guarantees that HB 7105 will be taken up by the House; it was temporarily postponed as we were writing this post. And even if it is approved by the House, the Senate would have to concur tonight before the hanky drops.

Just in case the House does decide to debate the bill tonight, here is a look inside the Brodeur amendment and where that language can be found in other dying legislation.

  • -Language to grandfather in three HCA-owned trauma centers, create a one-year moratorium on new centers and cap activation fees at $15,000 for one year.
  • -Requires health insurance policies to cover orthotics and prosthetics. (HB 1239/SB 1460)
  • -Creates an exemption to state law to allow UF Health Jacksonville to open a new hospital in north Duval County. (HB 7113)
  • -Allows physician assistants to perform laser skin resurfacing. (HB 1275)
  • -Assisted living facilities reforms championed in the Senate. (HB 248/SB 573)
  • -Allows ambulatory surgical centers to keep patients for up to 24 hours post-operation. (HB 573)
  • -Limited grandparent visitation rights. (HB 573)
  • -Updates the state group health insurance plan to require new types of coverage and a variable pricing structure beginning in 2017. (HB 7157)
  • -Clarifies the types of deaths that medical examiners are required to investigate. (HB 301/SB 584)
  • -Revises requirements for HIV testing. (HB 1225/SB 1470)
  • -Requires pneumonia vaccines for new nursing home residents. (HB 7113)