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Libertarian gov. candidate Adrian Wyllie arrested in 'unconstitutional' Real ID standoff

From a press release:

May 9, 2014, Safety Harbor – In a nearly three year long battle against Real ID, Adrian Wyllie, Libertarian candidate for governor of Florida, has been arrested in Safety Harbor giving him legal standing to fight the constitutionality of the legislation in court.

Wyllie, began his battle in May of 2011 by publicly surrendering his driver’s license in protest of the Real ID Act of 2005 . This federal legislation, implemented by the State of Florida by then Republican Governor Charlie Crist in 2008, made changes to the requirements of obtaining a driver’s license or identification card, including digital image captures of licensees, compliant with facial recognition via the FRnet. It requires certified documents to explain any name change- such as marriage or divorce- regardless of how long the person has been licensed. The fact that women are subject to far more difficult renewals than men and certain people are no longer subject to the birth certificate requirement is a violation of the 14th Amendment. The very fact the State is making you re-prove your identity without cause via these intrusive means is a violation of Florida’s Article 1 Section 23 as well as a violation of our 4th Amendment rights.

Mr. Wyllie’s battle began on the day he relinquished his license and informed several jurisdictions of law enforcement of his act of civil disobedience. He was finally cited for driving without a license in July of 2011 and was seen in court for the $116 traffic violation. At that time, the most senior judge on the 6th district, 3 prosecutors and a courtroom full of media were witness to Mr. Wyllie’s arguments of the unconstitutionality of the Real ID Act as well as Supreme Court precedent on citizens right to travel as well as surrendering a right for a privilege. In the end, Mr. Wyllie was unsuccessful in that small battle but has continued to maintain his civil disobedience to gain legal standing by way of jury.

As Martin Luther King once said “An individual who breaks a law that conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for the law.” Wyllie, in the tradition of Martin Luther King and other significant Americans who have fought for our civil liberties, was engaging in civil disobedience until the time he could fight the legislation in the proper venue.

Today, after 3 years of driving unlicensed throughout the state of Florida without incident, Adrian Wyllie has been arrested outside the Safety Harbor Resort and Spa. He was an invited guest to the 14th Anniversary Luncheon of the Intercultural Advocacy Institute, keynoted by State Senator Jack Latvala. This arrest will give Mr. Wyllie a chance to take his argument to a jury as he fights the criminal charges against him brought on by this unconstitutional law.


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great job marc!

Rick Adams

Go Adrian!


Good. Jail him. What a nutbag.

Ken Willey

The only reason Congress managed to get RealID passed was attaching it to a war and tsunami relief bill. It was defeated twice before due to public pressure. I sincerely hope he not only wins, but the whole country pays attention.


Way to go Adrian!


May GOD bless Adrian! We the people need to help him in every way possible.


To the comment from FLMom: You must be kidding, right?


Florida mom. You really can't be serious. You do realize he is standing up for our liberties, right? You also realize that to restrict a Constitutional right down to a privilege is unlawful. We have the right to travel without a drivers license. http://www.lawfulpath.com/ref/DLbrief.shtml


Finally. It's about time they arrested you! :)

Peter Richter

THANK YOU ADRIAN WYLLIE! You are risking your liberty to defend our rights. THAT takes immense courage and for that, we all owe you a great debt. #VoteLPF You deserve our vote!

Alex Snitker

Thank you for doing this Adrian. If you would like to get the history of his battle against REAL ID click on the link below.


Vil Rovner

FL Mom and Caren: Statists like you are exactly what's wrong with this country.
Adrian Wylie: Thank you for standing up for our liberties.

Paul Henry

Any woman that supports the national ID card known as REAL ID must not have had to go through the many hoops just to renew her driver license. It's far worse for women than it is for men. REAL ID requires numerous and costly certified copies of documents for every name change- marriage, divorce, etc.

I'm thankful we have a candidate for governor that has the guts to take a stand on liberty issues. This has been lacking for years.

Paul Henry

In 2013 the Florida legislature gave driver license relief to foreign tourists by repealing the international driver license law in 21 days. That same session, they passed with only 2 no votes a bill to give certain illegal aliens an easy path to a Florida driver license. This year, they passed a bill to give convicted felons free birth certificates, free ID cards, and taxpayer assistance in getting necessary out of state records. Non-felon citizens must pay for all of the above.

Not one of the above groups can legally vote for legislators in Florida. When will the legislature do something for Florida citizens, like repealing REAL ID, the root cause of the problem?

Antoinette Nardelli

I had no idea what I was in for, when I went to renew my Florida Driver License. It took a Homeland Security Officer to get involved. Why? My middle initial. They wanted to know what it stood for. I had nothing, except the birth certificate, that took 5 months to get. What a hassle!

glenn jenkins

Adrian Wyllie is a “breath of fresh air” in an ever tightening, mildewed room. That poor Fl Mom and her ilk, have been so totally brainwashed as to be already drowned. Thank The Devil with his/her Fluoride, pharmaceuticals, and TV for their self - imprisonment.


Anyone who defends the Real ID is the nut bag! My husband and I are both veterans. My husbands license is up for renewal and this time he can renew online without the real ID paperwork. Next time he will have to show the real id paperwork. But when he acquired about getting the V on his license they would not let him put that on the license without providing the real id paperwork. All this says is that he is a veteran which is easily proven with the dd214. We also had top secret clearances and so this government knows everything about us. They even took our DNA. The drivers license office has no right scanning this information in. If to prove who we are we should just need to show it. None of the requirements require a picture ID. Big flaw with real id. So I can lie and get a license in someone else's name so not sure why some people think this is going to help. In fact, it makes it easier for illegals and terrorists who are just going to lie anyways.

Andrew Nappi

Cast off the bondage of the Democrat and Republican party failed policies. Vote for more freedom and prosperity for all people. Vote for Adrian Wyllie.

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