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Lopez-Cantera: Crist is 'talk, talk, talk ... lot of hot air'

Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera is at the same Ritz-Carlton hotel where the Council of 100 cancelled a scheduled speech by Democratic candidate for governor Charlie Crist. But he said he was unaware of the cancellation.

"I don't have any knowledge of anything like that happening," Lopez-Cantera said. "Frankly, Charlie is all talk, so if he wants to talk, he's welcome to talk, because that's all he is, is talk, talk, talk. He can talk out of both sides of his mouth like he always does, and he's welcome to it."

The lieutenant governor added: "As far as we're concerned, Charlie just spews a lot of hot air. He's never really done anything, so more talk out of Charlie is just that -- just talk."


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Steve Bousquet @stevebousquet
Crist's undelivered speech at Council of 100 was an all-out attack on Scott as "a bully with a $100 million checkbook."

And that is any different from????


Give em hell Charlie!


Suprised Charlie didn't sneak up and try to steal the microphone like he did that other time Lopez-Cantera was speaking about him...

Bill Thompson

This Lopez-Cantera seems to be an expert on talk, talk, talk, spewing lots of hot air and doing nothing.

Just value

Bill I agree with that appraisal.

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