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Lynda Bell on port stadium: "I don't see it."


Lynda Bell, the Miami-Dade commissioner charged with promoting sports, said Friday she has significant doubts about bringing soccer to PortMiami.

"I've been purposely staying quiet on this issue,'' said Bell, who serves as chair of the Miami-Dade Sports Commission. "At this point, I'm not loving the port site. I don't see it. I'm loving soccer."

Bell made her remarks during an interview about her campaign delivering 1,500 voter signatures for her reelection bid in District 8 -- more than she needs to qualify. 

The months of rounding up constituent signatures is something of a forced exercise: Bell could have paid a small fee to secure her slot on the ballot, and the incumbent said quite a few voters wondered why she didn't. "The No. 1 question was: Why are you doing this? Aren't you automatically on the ballot?" Bell said Friday. 

Her challenger, Daniella Levine Cava, has raised about $257,000, compared to Bell's $393,000, according to recent campaign reports

For Bell, the signature drive meant her official return to the campaign trail as an incumbent after winning her first term in 2010. "Of course, more people recognize your name,'' she said. Bell said it wasn't easy. "It's shocking how many doors you have to knock on to get signatures,'' she said. "Think about it: 25 to 30 percent of the people, max, are actually home when you knock on their door." 

During the signature drive, Bell said constituents didn't bring up the current hot items facing commissioners: library cuts, budget woes and the soccer debate among them. "I heard about traffic,'' she said. "Keep my taxes low." 

David Beckham wants to bring a soccer stadium to PortMiami, which is facing financial challenges as it prepares to borrow $200 million. Bell said she wants to put a soccer stadium somewhere else in Miami-Dade. "There has to be another option," she said. "Is a soccer stadium the highest and best use for that particular site?"


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Samuel Leon

Why can't the team play on a converted field in FIU's stadium?

John Perez

The only reason why Lynda did a petition drive was because Daniella Levine turned them in first. Lynda Bell probably paid people to do it. Everyone knows she gets others to do her dirty work. Not to mention.. why is she talking about keeping taxes low? She had no problem spending our tax dollars on a nicer office because the free one wasn't good enough for her. There's a reason her husband didn't win mayor in homestead, the voters know she hasn't been good to them. She won last election by only 300 votes. It'ls defiantly going to be a interesting race .


We need to get rid of Bell. Go Daniella!!!

ed jenkins

The citizens are thankful for this Bell who has been an excellent steward of their money and is wise to look out for potential increases in traffic.

A wise commenter has pointed out that we already have too many stadiums in this area many of which could already be used to play this dull sport of soccer which americans were bored with so they invented more advanced games such as football.

Charles Paul

Stadiums are not a bad thing, but we need to spending tax money on things that matter lot our community. Lynda Bell has voted against several issues that go against the people she is there to represent. (Ex: Pets trust, police, fire fighters, human rights, and libraries) when people become informed they will clearly see why she is not the right choice for District 8.

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