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Miami-Dade lawmakers bring home big dollars from Tallahassee

Miami-Dade lawmakers had a collective priority for the 60-day legislation session: to protect the funding for Jackson Health System.

They are close to declaring victory.

The $77.1 billion budget negotiated by the House and Senate this week shields Jackson from a potential $140 million hit for at least one year.

The budget also provides billions of state dollars for Miami-Dade schools, universities, parks, social services programs and economic development projects.

"We accomplished what we set out to do, and that’s get what Miami-Dade deserves," said Rep. Eddy Gonzalez, the Hialeah Republican who chairs the Miami-Dade Legislative Delegation.

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Bill Thompson

There are some worthwhile projects here that should be funded but there are also pork projects that should be vetoed because government has no business funding such projects. Government funds should be spent wisely and not simply to buy votes or help favored friends of a legislator.

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