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Miami-Dade to explore possibility of marijuana farmers


With Florida lawmakers approving  limited use of medical marijuana this year, the state's largest county wants its farming industry to be ready if the door opens wider to a potential cash crop.

Miami-Dade Commissioner Dennis Moss, who represents the farm-rich southern part of the county, won passage of a resolution Tuesday instructing county staff to "assess the  the potential impacts of the legalization of medical marijuana on agricultural areas."

While the state legislature last week approved changing state law to allow limited  use of "non-euphoric" marijuana for treating seizures and other conditions, there is a larger push to legalize standard marijuana as a medical option.  

Moss' resolution said Miami-Dade "should be prepared for the possibility that medical marijuana is legalized," and he told commissioners that "this is not taking a position one way or the other on medical marijuana."

Commissioner Javier Souto, whose district includes parts of Kendall and Westchester, cast the lone dissenting vote, calling the study premature and describing the effort as too quick to embrace marijuana. 

"There was a time when cocaine was considered just a substance that didn't matter," Souto said. "We're dealing with  very difficult matters which can inflict tremendous pain and tremendous suffering and tremendous complications for our society."


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This will come with so many restrictions that there is no way it's a big opportunity for a lot of growers. http://www.flsenate.gov/Session/Bill/2014/1030 ... see section 5b.

ed jenkins

The citizens are horrified that this commission would endorse breaking federal laws and endorsing farming of dangerous illegal drugs in our society which are harmful to children and lead to worthless lives for adults.


What citizens Ed? A recent poll shows 9 out of 10 favor medicinal marijuana. Do you know Kannalife has an exclusive license with the US Government to grow marijuana and develop cannabis based medicines? Did you know the government receives regular checks for licensing their cannabis patent to this pharmaceutical company? Are children now living worthless lives due to the governments actions? Ed...do your research. Also, if you look up 16 years of FBI crime data on California you will find crime has not increased. In Colorado violent crime dropped by 2.4%.


Can someone please direct me to find the place where these fictional people that have had their lives "ruined" by cannabis exist? It's been just under 37 years since I first chose to enjoy cannabis. In that 3 1/2 decades I've met a lot of people who also choose to enjoy cannabis, but nary a one that has had his life "ruined" because of that choice.

On the other hand I've got to wonder about people who have such shallow lives that they should worry about the private lives of others, going to far as to create fantasy demons out of perfectly normal people. You've been played for a chump by professional confidence artists Ed.

Pueblo Potter

There is a place near lake Okeechobee that is designated as a marijuana campus. I imagine it's part of this company: http://www.healersfarm.com/

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