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Miami trial-lawyer chief loses cool, smacks camera out of GOP tracker's hands before Crist event.


A warning to anyone who holds an event for a major candidate for Florida governor: There will be trackers, the video camera-wielding politico-paparazzi on the lookout for gaffes or drama.

And they're always recording.

The Miami-Dade Justice Association's president, attorney Andrew Moss, learned that the hard way Wednesday when he smacked the smartphone camera out of the hand of a Republican tracker stalking Democrat Charlie Crist, who was speaking to his fellow trial lawyers at the Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove.

The Republican Party of Florida posted the video hours later on YouTube.

Moss said the tracker, whom he identified as Francisco Chamorro, lied about being an attorney. Chamorro couldn't be reached. He arrived at the event's sign-in desk with a Rick Scott campaign-affiliated attorney, who is not a member of the group. Moss told both to leave before Crist spoke.

“So, why are you asking me to leave?” the tracker asks on the video.

Moss: "Because it’s a members-only group and you’re not a member."

Tracker: "Was there anybody who told you that…"

Moss: "Are you recording me?"

Tracker: "Yes."

At that point, Moss hit the camera-phone out of his hand and the video stops.


Moss, who said he was acting independently of Crist, acknowledged he shouldn’t have hit the tracker’s smartphone – even though, he says, the man was trying to secretly record him.

“I am offended that a paid employee of the Scott campaign lied to our organization about being a lawyer, and then tries to videotape me without my consent," Moss said by email. "There's a reason I acted the way I did. I was wrong, but their lies are infinitely worse."

The Scott campaign, which noted that the event was open to the news media and other guests, said in a statement that “if asked, trackers are always up front about who they are and who they work for.”

The Crist campaign said it was unaware of Moss's run-in with the tracker.

Trackers follow Scott, too. On Tuesday, during a Miami event, a citizen-activist who wouldn't give his name shouted questions to the governor about cli¬mate change. A Scott campaign staffer tried to keep him away from the governor, but never touched his equipment. American Bridge, a nationwide Democratic group that tracks GOP candidates, shot video of Scott's press gaggle as well.


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ed jenkins

Democrat primary voters including this one wonder when the embarrassment will be enough for party leaders to remove the preferred candidate status from this most horrible man crist. This association with ambulance chasers who are hated more than any group by the citizens is yet another disastrous mistake that is part of the much predicted campaign meltdown.

W. Post

"Members only" - thanks ...we get it....


Highly paid Republican operative

See how effective our trackers are.

The Boss pays well for results!

Highly paid Republican operative

We specialize in dirty tricks.

Nopartyaffiliation Florida

Same old same old, hard core Partying. Lawyers vs Lawyers. These are no times to Party.

Ralph Dildo Emerson

So much for Democrats as defenders of First Amendment rights.....

Seth Platt

Look no further than Ed Jenkins' post above to see the lies and subterfuge perpetrated by the Republican Party. There is only one registered Democratic Primary Voter in Miami-Dade with the name Ed Jenkins and the poster above is not him. The Ed Jenkins who posts to this blog and fawns over Republican candidates while claiming to be a Democrat is a paid Republican operative. That's how Republicans spend their campaign contributions, lying to the public. The Republican Party can't win elections based on honest debate of issues

Can't take anymore

A story about a Democrat acting like a Republican is news? I guess so, especially since Team Scott has been known to pull every dirty trick in the book in attempts to give political leverage to their slimeball boss.

Robert Berthaut

What does any of this prove? That there are jackasses, exhibiting bad behavior in both political party camps? I refuse to read to much into this incident. Let the true believers on either side point fingers. That's what they typically do anyway.


Typical move by an ambulance chaser.


Trial lawyer, slip and fall, ambulance chasing scumbags. Never built or created anything in their lives but envy, greed and a culture of victims all pimped on TV by a fat drunk who got a DUI in Orlando that he has somehow scrubbed from Google.

ed jenkins

Readers have expressed the opinion that the citizens have as these trial lawyers are the most hated group of people in American which makes it even more stunning to democrat primary voters that this scumbag crist would appear with such a despised group. Party leaders have to see this disastrous decision coupled with many others to remove preferred candidate status from this most horrible man.

Bill Thompson

This scumbag Scott and the RPOF is very very scared of Crist and are desperately trying to do anything and everything they can to prop up the scumbag Scott's failing campaign. The republic party would be smart to force Scott to step down in order to allow that popular Pam lady to run for governor. Otherwise, this horrible man Scott will pull down the entire republic party ticket in November and cause losses all the way down the republic party ticket.


People really hate trial lawyers.

Except the Florida Senate and Charlie Crist

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