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Pants on Fire claim about Senate Dems and Sharia law

In the final days of Florida’s legislative session, some conservative blogs claimed that they had unearthed the "real" war on women -- a war being waged by Democrats.

"Florida Democrats just voted to impose Sharia law on women," read one headline April 30, 2014, on WesternJournalism.com, a blogging platform for "conservative, libertarian, free market and pro-family writers."

The story explained: "Anyone who isn’t certain that Democrats are devoted to destroying America need only take a look at their despicable conduct in the Florida Senate. In a vote that never should have had to be taken, every single Democrat voted to force Sharia law on the people of Florida. By doing so, they placed women and children in very real danger. The vote was 24 votes for America and 14 votes for al-Qaida and the Taliban cast by loathsome Democrats."

The article said that elements of Sharia law include women being barred from voting, forced marriages for young girls, stoning to death of adulterous women and a requirement that women wear burqas -- the full-body clothing required of women in some very traditional Islamic societies -- when in public.

While we were distracted by the close of the legislative session and a hotly contested governor’s race, we somehow missed Democrats voting in favor of burqas and stoning. But readers have made clear to us that they want to know: Did Florida Democrats vote to impose Sharia law on women?

Read PolitiFact Florida for the answer.


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Moderate Republican

This is why Charlie left the Party. Looney tunes!


Now we are fact checking a blog?


We're fact checking a political party made up of looney tunes, and yes, I speak of the current Republican Party.

What have the Republicans done for you lately? I'll wait.


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Bill Thompson

Dumb and Dumber.


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Bobby Johnson


Jack Watson

This is why the GOP is becoming a regional party with limited appeal.


Everyone needs to listen up and take hold. The democrat party is full of nothing but racist pigs. The Kim yes the democratic party is nothing but I'm and Nazis. So the democratic party can kiss my pass.


I am sorry but spell check felled me. What I meant to say was that the democrat party is nothing but a party of pigs communities, kkk member's and Nazis women haters. Walfare loving snobs and slobs. That's desever nothing more then prison. So remember when you go to the polls this fall. Vote out all of the pig's liars kkk member's Nazis warfare loving snobs and slobs. That are the democratic party.Think you.


Vote them out

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