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'Pot University' in Tampa teaches Marijuana Growing 101...er...420 101?


TAMPA, Florida (Reuters) - Retired real estate agent Wanda Hurt, 58, is learning how to grow peppers and tomatoes, but when she graduates from Florida's own version of Pot U she'll be equipped to start her own medical marijuana business.

Hurt is one of hundreds of would-be pot producers paying $500 to learn the business after Florida last week joined the march of 22 states permitting limited marijuana use.

"I want to be part of the revolution," said Hurt, from Fort Myers.

The school, officially called Medical Marijuana Tampa, is one of several dozen new Florida businesses hoping to cash in on the cannabis crop.

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ed jenkins

The readers have previously requested no more of these stories on dangerous illegal drugs which are inappropriate for a hometown paper read by children and families.

The citizens request a visit from the DEA to shutdown this illegal operation in our family friendly state.


There is money in those plants or we can keep sending people to prison. No harm will come to you from this plant closely related to parsley.


Redundant - no harm, outside of that pesky jail thing.


Hmmmm - That harm/pesky jail thing comes from the DEA not pot. The laws of man and natural law are quite different.

Jack Watson

American entrepreneurship at work growing the economy, creating jobs and new businesses!

Bobby Johnson

This Scott and the legislators that approved this horrible law should be arrested by the DEA and tried for violating federal drug laws and conspiring with others to violate federal drug laws.

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