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Rick Scott goes to China: "I'll sign" low-THC medical-marijuana bill


Since taking office, Gov. Rick Scott has just said no to illegal drug use.

The goverrnor pushed for and signed a measure cracking down on so-called "pill mills" his first year and he has been an opponent of a popular medical-marijuana proposal that voters will decide in November.

But last night, Scott said yes to a narrowly crafted low-THC bill aimed at helping people with severe epilepsy, particularly children. The bill is nicknamed "Charlotte's Web" after the strain of marijuana that, some parents say, helps their kids better than anything else.

"If this passes, I'm going to sign it," Scott said.

It was a Nixon-goes-to-China moment for the Republican. Whether this means he'll tepidly endorse the medical-marijuana ballot amendment, which goes much farther than this proposal, is unlikely.

But it's an election year. And in facing Republican-turned-independent-turned-Democrat Charlie Crist, Scott has the luxury of running for re-election in a race where flip-floppery isn't a killer. After all, Crist leads Scott in most polls.

Here's today's story by Mary Ellen Klas on Charlotte's Web. The Senate should pass it today, the last day of session.


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Smart thinking

A Scott smoke screen.

Pure puffery!

ed jenkins

The citizens do not know why their governor would need to go to a foreign country as his job entails simply enforcing the laws of this state.

As for the dangerous illegal drugs, the citizens have long stated that they do not want these narcotics in our family friendly state where they harm children and cause adults to have worthless lives.


Why vote for fake flip flipper Scott when you can get the real thing in Crist?

Smart thinking

Real is better then fake.

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