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Rick Scott releases 2nd Spanish-language ad, TV buys= $8m in 2 months


It's tough to believe that it's only May, Gov. Rick Scott is on pace to spend $8 million on TV by mid-month since March and he's already on his second Spanish-language spot.

Where the previous Spanish-language spot was positive, “Nos Abandonó” isn't. It's a translation of one of Scott's more effective ads, "Ran Away, that hits Charlie Crist for the bad economy that unfolded on his watch. “Nos Abandonó” is part of a $500,000 TV and on-line buy that will run in the Tampa, Fort Myers, Orlando, and Miami markets, the campaign said.

Here's more about Scott's Hispanic outreachBackground on the ad is here; Spanish-language version is below.



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Highly paid Republican operative

This is what $100,000,000 will do!

The Boss loves his commercials.

ed jenkins

The citizens do not want their governor speaking foreign languages in this country as this is an English speaking country and anyone that lives here needs to speak English and assimilate if they are to be successful in this country.

Bill Thompson

The scumbag Scott continues to try anything and everything to revive his failing re-election campaign, yet nothing seems to move the needle. It's become more and more obvious that the electorate despises this horrible man. The RPOF should pull the plug on this scumbag Scott who has insulted former governors, hispanics and african-americans. His poor showing will drag down the entire GOP ticket in Florida in November.


Shut the hell up you loser thompson, no one wants to hear your whining about how much your life sucks so you need the loser democrats to win and increase your welfare checks you leach.

Bill Thompson

The citizens urge this scumbag Scott to step down so that Pam lady, the most popular politician in Florida can run for governor. She's not busy doing anything as attorney general, so she would have plenty of time to campaign. She's so beloved by all that she would be a lock to win over this horrible man Scott.


Shut up already you loser thompson. How dumb are you that you haven't figured out that no one wants to hear from a lower like you. Your crap isn't funny either just rewriting jenkins posts you moron.


D. is my favorite.

But give em hell Charlie!

Bill Thompson

The citizens are not fooled by the scumbag Scott who is desperately trying to remake his image in this election year by appearing to be more moderate when he is truly an out of the mainstream ultra right wing ideologue who if re-elected would go right back to his zenophobic ultra right wing ideological agenda. This man is so despised that his polling numbers of his failing campaign are still down despite spending millions of dollars in out of state carpetbagger campaign contributions on ads blanketing the TV airways. The voters realize if this horrible man was to be re-elected, he would go right back to his old ways of pursuing his narrow minded, zenophobic ultra right wing agenda.

As the wise Rhonda wisely said, give em hell Charlie!

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