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Rick Scott said he's ready to dissolve blind trust if courts say so

From a letter to Secretary of State Ken Detzner from Rick Scott's campaign manager Melissa Sellers regarding the governor's blind trust:

Regarding the petition for a write of mandamus on the processes outlined by S.B. 2, the Governor will comply with whatever the courts decide.

The governor did not have a blind trust (like Alex Sink did) when he disclosed his assets in 2010. He set one up after taking office, which was supported by the Ethics Commission and then the unanimous and bipartisan will of the Legislature in S.B. 2. If the courts believe the trust should be dissolved, all assets will be disclosed in accordance with the law for qualifying.

Because all assets have been in a blind trust since 2011, the trustee of the blind trust has made all choices about what assets are purchased, sold or owned by the trust.

In sum, whatever the rules are, the Governor will gladly comply with them.

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Smart thinker

I don't Trust him!

Can't take anymore

How very kind of Mr. Scott to volunteer to follow a court order. I suspect he will have his loyal friend, Pam Bondi, hire attorneys on the state dime if he wants to appeal an adverse ruling.

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