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Rick Scott won't say if he thinks man-made climate-change is real, significant


Florida Gov. Rick Scott won't say whether he thinks man-made climate change is real and significant.

"I’m not a scientist," Scott said when asked about anthropogenic global warming during a Tuesday stop in Miami. Scott then talked about money for flood control and Everglades restoration.

Scott's refusal to weigh in on the issue contrasts with his position in 2011, when he said "I've not been convinced that there's any man-made climate change... Nothing's convinced me that there is."

So is Scott repositioning himself now, believing more in man-made climate change? Scott wouldn't say.

"I'm not a scientist," Scott repeated, noting again his environmental record.

Scott's new position resembles that of another top Florida Republican office holder, Sen. Marco Rubio, who has also expressed skepticism. Rubio, too, says he's not a scientist and he won't answer the question about whether he believes humans are causing the planet to warm.

Unlike Scott, though, Rubio hasn't issued a blanket denial of man-made climate change and he gives a major reason for his skepticism: There has been a 15-year pause in surface-temperature readings despite an increase in carbon dioxide emissions world wide.

Climate scientists, an estimated 97 percent of whom say man-made climate change is real and significant, point to data that show the oceans and the upper-level atmosphere are heating, and that the overall trend of all temperature readings in the last century are climbing. 

A recent national climate-change report indicated that Florida will be exceptionally vulnerable if the seas continue to rise.

Here's the question-and-answer with Scott:

Q: Do you believe man-made climate change is significantly affecting the weather, the climate?

Scott: “Well, I’m not a scientist. But let’s talk about what we’ve done. Through our Division of Emergency Management -- the last few years, three years – we put about, I think, $120 million to deal with flooding around our coast. We also put a lot of money into our natural treasures, the Everglades, trying to make sure all the water flows south. So we’re dealing with all the issues we can. But I’m not a scientist.”

Q: In 2011 or 2010, you were much more doubtful about climate change. Now you’re sounding less doubtful about man-made climate change because now you’re not saying ‘Look, I doubt the science.’ Now you’re saying: ‘I’m not a scientist.’ Am I right in guessing that?

Scott: “Well, I’m not a scientist. But I can tell you what we’ve accomplished. We put a lot of effort into making sure that we take care of our natural treasures – the Everglades, making sure water flows south, any flooding around our coast. So we’re doing the right thing.”

Question (asked by citizen-activist): So do you believe in the man-made influence on climate change?

Scott: “Nice seeing you guys.”


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ed jenkins

This and other wild theories are not questions that the citizens want asked of their political leaders so the readers request that this nonsense end. The only questions to be asked are how and how quickly these political leaders can eliminate all unnecessary costs from government beyond law enforcement, courts, transportation infrastructure and schools so that less money will have to be confiscated from citizens. the readers want all article writers who ask these other irrelevant questions terminated, especially those that do so repeatedly such as this one.

Can't take anymore

I think it is only fair that, prior to his anointment as president of FSU, John Thrasher be publically asked for his take on global warming and whether man has anything to do with it. Kind of important to know the scientific bona fides of presidents of major universities, esp. those that just so happen to be retiring Republican political bigwigs. Let's see if Big John breaks ranks with Scott, Marco, Weatherford, Gaetz, et al and buys the "liberal" idea of climate change. Later we will ask him if the earth is flat.


"Damn it Florida, I'm a corporate fraud perpetrator, not a scientist!"


What's real is science's 32 years of 95% certainty.


science is 100% fact, not a computer model with 95% certainty. the money stops if you don't agree with the" model"


Rick Scott misses the point. We are well aware that he is not a scientist (he's actually a criminal). Not many of us are scientists, that's why we learn from their wisdom and research. We use that research to make smart decisions for our planet, country, state and citizens. When 97% of scientists world-wide can prove that the climate is changing due to the burning of fossil fuels for electricity, then it is time now to make the necessary changes in our infrastructure to embrace renewable forms of energy, i.e. wind, solar, geothermal, etc.

Lifelong Floridian

We need to vote this guy out of office. ANYONE else on the ballot besides this tea party villain Rick Skelator Scott would be a better option. VOTE PINK SLIP RICK OUT! Don't let Rick Scott undermine the intelligence of the people and let him spend his millions to buy another election. If you think Rick Scott cares about anyone but his get rich quick cronies you need to get off the pipe.

Eddie Buchanan

But 97% of scientists CAN'T prove it.

Jim Spriggs

"95%" to a scientist is tantamount to our idea of certainty. The science says there is a 95% chance that cigarette smoking causes lung cancer.

Evolution and gravity are called theories, just as global warming (which causes climate change)is called a theory. They cannot be "proven" per se--they cannot be reproduced in a laboratory, they are not mathematical equations that can be written out to get an answer following an "equals" sign. It's all about the overwhelming mountain of evidence. Just as you wouldn't jump off a bridge to prove gravity doesn't exist, and you wouldn't call the Flintstones a documentary, you wouldn't be able to find anything close to countering the overwhelming evidence of Anthropogenic Global Warming. With overwhelming empirical evidence, climate scientists--working independently--have built an airtight case for AGW.

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