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Rick Scott's team: we raised $2.7m in a month


The Rick Scott campaign-finance juggernaut keeps juggernauting.

All in all, in the past month, Scott's team says it has raised more than $2.7 million for his reelection. Flush with more than $45 million, the campaign more than a month ago began burning some of it on TV ads: at least $8 million in air time has been purchased since mid-March.

Democrat Charlie Crist and Nan Rich's numbers aren't out yet, but they'll certainly pale in comparison.

Here's how Team Scott says its money breaks down:

$1.4 million for the Republican Party of Florida

$1.05 million for Scott's reelection campaign.

$257,000 for Scott's political committee, Let's Get to Work.


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Mrs. Ed Jenkins

So, most of his money came from the Florida GOP.

Bill McCollum

Looks like he will buy this race just like he did against me.


Rick Scott will try to buy this race. If he succeeds, it just proves that Florida deserves to be the Mickey Mouse state - Floriduh. I sincerely hope that Floridians will put aside their irrational support for Republicans: 15 years in power, and this state is worse than when they took control - heading in the wrong direction.

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