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Scott starts 'victory tour'; Democrats call it 'phony'

As Gov. Rick Scott launched a week-long swing to promote the Legislature's tax and fee cuts and freeze on tuition, Democrats fired back, calling Scott's claims of victory "insulting" and "as phony as his misleading TV ads."

Scott shifted into campaign mode Monday with a planned stop in Jacksonville to be followed in the next few days by visits to Tampa, Orlando, Fort Myers, Miami, West Palm Beach, Panama City and Gainesville. That's every TV market in the state except for Pensacola, which is reliably red and pro-Scott, and where residents are still recovering from record rains last week and probably aren't in a celebratory mood.

"When I took office, Florida was deep in the hole," Scott said in a statement by his campaign. "At a time when Floridians could least afford it, Charlie Crist raised taxes by $2.2 billion and let tuition climb year after year."

Florida Democratic Party vice-chairs Justin Spiller and Annette Taddeo blasted Scott on a conference call, accusing him of protecting business interests, doing nothing to expand Floridians' access to health care through Medicaid and opposing equal pay for equal work for women.

Referring to Scott's "alleged victory tour," Spiller, a Jacksonville lawyer, said about 40,000 people with no insurance are veterans.

"Rick Scott should know better than to take this re-election campaign into Jacksonville where this city has thousands of veterans who aren't able to see a doctor," Spiller said. "For Rick Scott to go on a victory tour is just insulting to those who've been left behind."

Democrats did say Scott did the right thing in supporting in-state tuition for undocumented immigrants, but they called it "pandering" for Hispanic votes in an election year.

Joining Scott on the tour is Jackie Schutz, who over the weekend left her state-paid position as press secretary in the governor's office to be traveling campaign press secretary.


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ed jenkins

The citizens are horrified at the damage done to their society with these unwanted bills passed allowing dangerous illegal drugs into our society where they can harm children and lead to adults having worthless lives. They also do not know why our political leaders would be addressing law breaking immigrants when they need to be turned over to authorities and removed rather than rewarded for their illegal activity. This scott has won the citizens over with his exemplary fiscal stewardship after they initially doubted him but they are starting to doubt him again after this damage.

Highly paid Republican consultant

If the Boss wants to call it a Victory tour then it's a Victory tour.

We all need to keep him happy!


People still standing with a liar and a cheat.

Christine Rosselli

This man is despicable and frankly worthless...and should be in jail for his past crimes. He has done nothing worthwhile for FL until there is something in it for him around election time when he is trying to buy votes.

kerstin magnusson

the Floridians are informed and intelligent people and will not forget scott's inability to work for THEIR benefit.... they want a governor who WORKS for THEM, not the other way around...

Nez Aimler

Ed Jenkins, there is a lot more to being a governor than balancing a budget. And any idiot can balance a state budget by slashing education to the core. But if you're so concerned about money, why aren't you getting on Scott for wasting $178 million on drug testing welfare recipients when all it did was prove that only 2.7% of them are on drugs? And why aren't you asking why the drug test company that Scott "used to own" and pretended to sell when he became governor was used for supplying said drug tests? Because it's OK to spend a fortune to beat up on those filthy poor people? Because Scott's not one of them dirty liberals? All of the above? I vote all of the above, personally.


First, I'd like to express the displeasure that the media for saying that Democrats think Scott made the right decision to allow undocumented or illegal immigrants in state tuition because we think that he did the WRONG thing once again. He has done nothing for students that have been born and raised in the United States but, he can give tax payer money to students that don't even belong in this country and who have entered or been born here illegally! Rick Scott is a disgrace to Florida citizens and his tour should be called "Raising Bail Tour". He is an unconvicted FELON thanks to the Supreme Court and got away with paying a fine that was paid for by his old company HCA OR Hospital Corporations of America, aka, Humana! It didn't come out of his pocket. He has continuously ruined and oppressed citizens of Florida with his tyrannical agenda that furthers HATE Crimes in Florida. His laws and bills have done nothing for citizens but, they have given Corporate and Special Interests more power to suppress and oppress our freedoms! His legal bills are killing taxpayers and will leave the state in a state of bankruptcy that will be hard for the next Governor to fix! As the T-party agenda is coming to a close Florida has to look to the future of employment, education, and health care. Three major areas where Scott has failed to achieve along with others. These are three sectors of the economy that cannot and will not be overlooked in this election. Scott's "Raising Bail Tour" of Florida only goes to show that he will be defeated in a landslide vote by the people of Florida!

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