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Scott to skip joint appearance with Crist in Gables

Gov. Rick Scott will skip a joint appearance with Democratic opponent Charlie Crist at a statewide convention of news editors and publishers in July.

The Florida Press Association and Florida Society of News Editors invited Scott and Crist to make back-to-back appearances on July 10 at The Biltmore in Coral Gables. Crist accepted, and Scott's campaign said no Wednesday.

In an email to the Times-Herald, Scott's campaign manager, Melissa Sellers, said: "The governor will debate the Democratic nominee in the fall. Charlie Crist should stop playing games and stop hiding from Nan Rich. What is he scared of?"

Crist has consistently said he will not debate Rich, a former state Senate minority leader from Weston who is also seeking the Democratic nomination in the primary, scheduled for Aug. 26. The news groups invited Rich to speak the next day, July 11, but they wanted Scott and Crist to speak in direct proximity to each other on the afternoon of July 10.

Florida Press Association President Dean Ridings said he hoped Scott would reconsider. "We hope that he will consider appearing before our group and meeting with reporters and editors and publishers at our meeting," Ridings said.


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I think it was very juvenile of Scott's campaign manager to write to the Times-Herald and bring up the Crist-Rich non-debate situation. Even more juvenile to suggest Crist is 'scared' of something.

I saw and heard Crist answer the question of why he's not planning to debate Nan Rich when he was interviewed on This Week in South Florida by Michael Putney (this had to have been over a month ago now). He said he was focusing on The Guy At The Top (Scott) and preparing for a debate with Nan would be a distraction and he can't afford to take his eye off the ball for even a second. He's probably right about that.

Personally, I think the reason Scott and his campaign seem so keen to have Crist debate Rich is so they can study that debate and use it to help the current Gov. prepare, which of course would likely be to his advantage. If Crist denies him/them this, the current Gov. goes in with one less advantage.

Scott might help himself by making himself more available to the public by giving speeches and answering questions from the press by going on TV programs like TW in SoFla. If he doesn't, I might be tempted to be juvenile and ask "What's Scott afraid of?".

ed jenkins

After a week touring the state and spending time with the citizens this democrat primary voter is back with more of their views. Democrat primary voters have already decided that they have no interest in obeying party leaders wishes and will vote for this nancy lady who is the only true democrat in the race and continue to be horrified that the scumbag crist still receives party leader preferred status given the predicted campaign meltdown that has been occurring. They are well aware of the fraud this horrible man is and democrat party leaders wishes to cover up that fraud by not producing a debate with the nancy lady where the scumbag crist will be exposed.


Ed you know nothing about FL Dems since you are a rabid Repiglican.

Highly paid Republican operative

ed remains when of our highest paid bloggers.

Keep up the good work!

The Boss enjoys reading your posts.

Adrian Wyllie

As the Libertarian candidate for governor, I am willing to debate Rick Scott, Charlie Crist, and Nan Rich at any time, with no preconditions.

I would be happy to participate in the July 10th event in Coral Gables, however, I have not yet received an invitation from either the FPA or FSNE.

I find it amusing -- and somewhat pathetic -- that Gov. Scott and former Gov. Crist seem terrified to even appear in the same room with their opponents. What does this say about their policies and records, when they lack the fortitude to stand up and publicly defend them?

Highly paid Republican operative

That time will come when they both believe they are ready.

Additionally the only time debates will prove worthwhile will be in the Fall
when the average Joe is somewhat more focused.


The scumbag Scott is hiding from every day Florida voters and the press because he thinks he is a corporate CEO and not accountable to anyone. This horrible man should stop playing games and stop hiding from every day Florida voters.

The scumbag Scott should step down so that his failing campaign doesn't drag down the rest of the party ticket on election day and allow for the Pam lady, the most popular elected official in Florida, to run for governor. Republic primary voters have decided that they have had enough of this horrible man insulting former governors, hispanics and african-americans and want him to step down so that the Pam lady can run.


Thompson you are such a moron that you think you will fool us by leaving off your last name you loser. Shut the hell up and go home already you welfare collector, no one wants to hear your whining trying to get more welfare money you leach. How stupid are you that you can't get the message already, loser?


The scumbag Scott thinks that he can thumb his nose at everyday citizens in Miami-Dade and then put on a guayabera, go to Versailles and have a cafecito and think that everybody is going to vote for him. This, even after his staff insulted a hispanic campaign contributor and campaign manager that caused him to resign from the campaign. This horrible man would be better off moving to Mississippi, take his staff with him and running for governor there. Republic primary voters urge him to step down so that the Pam lady can run for governor and prevent the disastrous meltdown that is to come.


What is the Florida Press Association and Florida Society of News Editors scared of? They never invite Adrian Wyllie to their events! Why is that?? There are more than 2 candidates in this race!


William, yes there are more than two candidates in this race, but when one of them from the outset promises to leverage 100 million dollars (even if he has to use his own money), that effectively knocks everyone else out unless they can even come close to that. I'm truly truly sorry that's the way it is. I don't like it any more than you do and it is not the way it should be.

Wylie is not David to Scott's Goliath. Scott is Corporate Godzilla and only a candidate that a majority of Floridians can get behind can defeat him.


Is Nan Rich going to this event?

Highly paid Republican operative

MM is right.

Unless you have at least $10,000,000 to play you don't get a seat at this table.

The Boss will make sure of that.


Rick Scott running and hiding. LOL. It's not just the public and Charlie Crist he is hiding from. How about news reporters that ask questions and get nothing but Rick's backside as he walks away. The man is secretive this we know. Answering questions is not Rick's strong suit. He escaped conviction and a possible jail sentence by not answering questions. Rick you cannot avoid Charlie Crist, the public and reporters forever.

Highly paid Republican operative

The Boss runs from no one!

J Burkiewicz

like most intelligent Floridians I will be voting for only man worthy of my vote and that's Adrian Wyllie. Wyllieforgovernor.com

Rick Adams

I am looking forward to seeing Adrian Wyllie wipe the floor with these two chickens.

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