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Sen. Marco Rubio: Americas’ lagging retirement needs a boost

From Chris Adams, McClatchy Newspapers/Herald Washington correspondent

WASHINGTON — In his latest in a series of speeches designed to “reclaim the 21st Century American Dream,” U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, a Republican from Florida and potential 2016 presidential candidate, proposed allowing many Americans the option of enrolling in the retirement plan for government workers.



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JEB 2016!

Look out Marco, the big dog's jumping in!

mrs. jenkins

Jeb's a dog alright but he ain't going nowhere with his past record of massive corruption.
We're gonna beat that dog DOWN!

mrs. jenkins

now on the other side, Little Marco is a Cuban pup who ain't got nothin working for him.
he's not ready for prime time and will flame out before he ever gets started.

Maureen Morceau

Marco is an idiot.Constantly flip flopping. Today he is for something, tomorrow he'll be against it. Where did these idiots come from & how in the hell did they get elected ?I'm a native Floridian & some of these jokers are a total embarrassment.

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