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Video: Rick Scott vs. Common Core haters


Gov. Rick Scott is trying to steer a middle course on education when it comes to Common Core educational standards, but a group of protestors at a recent fundraiser of his just don't appear to buy it.

From a reporter's standpoint, what's noteworthy here is that 1) The governor is able to talk to people about the same topic in depth for more than two minutes and 2) he sounds pretty good defending and advocating what he believes instead of hiding behind pre-polled catch phrases.


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Matt Worley

Its great the the governor can speek to the public I agree. I just wish what he said was honest.

Jason Wilson

If you are against Common Core and believe that education policy should be at the local level rather than dictated from above, you are labeled a "hater?"

What about #3) Rick Scott is caught on tape lying about Common Core in FL?

Isn't that part noteworthy?

Highly paid Republican operative

Do not challenge the Boss.

Peter Richter

Rick Scott caught on video outright LYING about Common Core, arguably the most dramatic change to our education system since the 1970s, and you didn't think it would be important to point that out? The video is going viral, so the people will find out anyways without the media's help. Anyone that likes Common Core is either getting bribed to support it or they're making money from it. How often do you find something that everyone universally hates? Tea Party, Teachers Unions, Libertarians, Conservatives - everyone hates this garbage! Stop experimenting on our kids!

Frank Glaab

I think it's great he stopped to speak on the subject, however I feel it's just a way to get good press coverage. He lied but yet, as a reporter you don't point out this, just the point that he stopped. Validating my point about getting good press.

Smart thinker

Big deal he stopped to talk. Crist will talk to anyone anytime and attend the opening of an envelope.

Jared Grifoni

The two minute and fifty nine mark of the video through three minutes and fifteen seconds is KEY. Scott's entire point prior to that mark and after was that we don't have Common Core in FL, we have our own "standards."

So he is telling the truth or not?

Jared Grifoni: "it has to align with the standards within the Florida Statutes which is Common Core."

Rick Scott: "No it's not Common Core, no it's not"

Jared Grifoni: "Yes, Next Generation Sunshine State Standards which is now Common Core. SB 1076, you signed it last year"

Rick Scott: "Our standards… no it is not common core."

This is the same trick Rick Scott and the FL legislature tried to play with SB 864. So, do we have local control or not? Was Rick Scott right or were the rest of us right in saying that it still needs to align with common core? Let's go to the evidence:

I was told DIRECTLY by Lizbeth Benacquisto's legislative aide, one of SB 864's co-sponsors, when I confronted them on this bill, that 864 "DOESN'T repeal the standards."

Common Core was codified into law by Rick Scott and he either did not read the bill (SB 1076) before signing it or he thought YOU would be fooled by changing the name of Common Core. Either way it is the wrong thing for our children.

SB 864: "The district school board has the following
specific duties and responsibilities:
(b)Instructional materials.—Provide for proper
requisitioning, distribution, accounting, storage, care, and use of all instructional materials and furnish such other instructional materials as may be needed. The district school board shall ensure that instructional materials used in the district are consistent with the district goals and objectives
and the course descriptions established in rule of the State Board of Education, as well as with the state and district performance standards provided for in s. 1001.03(1)."

"1001.03(1): PUBLIC K-12 CURRICULAR STANDARDS.—The State Board of Education shall adopt and periodically review and revise the Sunshine State Standards in accordance with s. 1003.41."

"1003.41Next Generation Sunshine State Standards.—
(1)Next Generation Sunshine State Standards establish the core content of the curricula to be taught in the state and specify the core content knowledge and skills that K-12 public school students are expected to acquire."

"SB 1076 (7)“Next Generation Sunshine State Standards” means the state’s public K-12 curricular standards, including common core standards in English Language Arts and mathematics, adopted under s. 1003.41."

We cannot afford to let Rick Scott double down on Common Core, wagering our money and our children's future, with more bad top-down bureaucratic messes. Clearly, we cannot even trust Rick Scott to tell us the truth on Common Core in Florida either. It's about being more interested in kissing Jeb Bush's ring rather than following our Constitution and protecting our children.

James M. Ray

Those "haters" sure are good refuters, eh??

Imagine a future world, where journalists called those who doubt the efficacy of even more central planning & control over our lives something like "doubters" instead of "haters"!

And when people ask why I think the media's biased, I won't go to this headline, although it's an easy example of statist-not-liberal bias. I'll just keep saying "Google 'The Snitker Paradox'!"


We do not want the corrupt, corporate Fed spreading its imperialistic bullcrap propaganda mind control in your schools.

I have seen first hand some of the school work students bring home. In TX, a 5th grade narrative where the child wrote, " I am willing to give up some of my constitutional rights in order to be safer in my country."


Another, out of TX, where in a math question, it made very clear reference to infidelity within a marraige. (Again, this was either 4th or 5th grade.

Also, this one may have been TX aswell. Where plain as day in the text book, it took our 1st amendment and our 2nd amendment rights, chopped them both up, re summarized them into a single amendment full of bullcrap and lies.

The Federal Government is a corporation which holds no jurisdiction over sovereign human beings. The Constitution is our laws for government. It gives government zero jurisdiction in writing laws. Not the other way around.

We don't want your Common Core, We don't want your cluster f*ck of a train wreck you call The Affordable Care Act a.k.a. ObamaCare.



Jared - stop with so many facts... good job!


Fine, Rick Scott can think Common Core is great, that's his opinion. What is not ok is that he is LYING about the state not implementing CC.

This is one Republican who WILL NOT be voting for Scott, I am already convincing other Reps not to vote for him either. Also not voting for the lying Charlie Crist.

I am sick of having to choose between the lesser of two evils. It is sad that these two jokers are our only choices.

Moderate Republican

Jax the party has moved too far crazy right for my tastes.


Jax: there is another choice for governor. Libertarian Adrian Wyllie. Check it out at www.wyllieforgovernor.com

James M. Ray

It would be nice if Libertarians didn't have to *constantly* deal with media bias of the sort that caused the word "haters" to be written above, but I think it's going to take an organized group, as both the left & the right have, continually monitoring the bias-levels, to do it. The problem is too deep-seated, and telling the biased media person who writes such headlines "that's biased" is like trying to tell a fish "you're wet." They LIVE in a WORLD of anti-libertarian, pro-state bias, so as with the fish, they move through it like it's water, and take it for granted, because to them, political agenda bias toward even more central control is "reasonable." I wish reasoned comments could change this, but I'm familiar with the culture at large "news" media outlets...

CJ Williams

I was there and YES, he did LIE. I heard it with my own two ears. Either he is complicit or naïve.



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